Chisms! Chismax Galore!

Guess who's pregnant? Well, none other than the so-called nympho (sabi ni Ivy) daw ng Arneow (obviously, written as such to protect the *identity* of the school hehehe), who happens to be somekinda Ninang lang naman ni Toloosee!

Ivy, of course, is full of buti-nga-sa-kanya crap. Oh well, can't blame her. Ivy hates Ninang's guts. Ako naman, to hell with her lifestyle, eh gusto niya makipag-sex kung kani-kanino and be proud about it. Sana lang, since isa nakong malaking example, eh naging mas careful siya. As in, safe-sex careful and baby-careful.

Well, Ivy's right, though. Ninang's family's financial situation ain't that good, and her parents are breaking their arses to put her through Arneow. Tapos nabuntis pa. Nauna pa sa Ate and Kuya niya hehehe ^_^

Wait... Erase all that negative bullshit and let's all think na it's a blessing. Wait, that's too textbook.

Eto na lang. It happened for a reason. Maybe to make her stop sleeping around. To make her see how hard it is to raise a perfectly decent child. To give her the love na hindi niya nakukuha sa mga boys (and, as I remember, sa mga girls) she's been sleeping with. Definitely, her soon-to-be-born child will revolutionize her world.

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