SONA* (Yet) So Far**

* SONA -- State of the "now" address

** Word play on the phrase "so near, yet so far" (yeah, okay, didn't work, let's move on)

Hello there, July August!

(I started to write this post in July, but no, I forgot about it, and *baaam* August na.)

flapperdoodle via ecka & becka (shading done by me)

Hello 2014: A Trip from Here to There

This was supposed to be a "good-bye 2013" post, but as soon as I got to my parents' place yesterday, it was eat-eat-eat-mass-fireworks-eat-eat-eat-sleep so yeah, I got nowhere with this post LOL.

From a gallery in MOMA
2013 took me "here", whatever physical (weight gain booo!), emotional (less drama and more GV), spiritual (faith and fate), financial (so-so debt yey?) and career (*crossing my fingers*) state that I am in right now.

I must say, getting "here" was a blast. 2013, you rocked my world.

Now, 2014 will take me "there", wherever "there" is.

Wherever 2014 will take me, I hope you all be with me as I take my trip, from here to there.

(And have Neil Gaiman's words of wisdom to guide us all)

Happy new year!

A Hair-y Tale

Extremely vain post ahead. You've been warned.

There was once a girl who didn't quite know what to do with her hair.

The tale, of course, didn't stop there.