Viva Amor!

Photo by Char Venturina
Now that I've caught up with sleep, and I've uploaded my 2016 budget in GEP, I would like to say a few words of amor to all those who helped out and contributed to last Thursday's event :D

Null and Void

I've been wanting to write about this for the looooongest time, but I've been a headless chicken pig for the past months. I'm carving time out to publish this within the week *crosses fingers* because I'm starting the process as well of changing my marital status in all of my records -- therefore going back to my maiden name wooohoo! :D

Yes, the declaration of nullity is now final!

(And yes, there's a diff between annulment of marriage and declaration of nullity of marriage. I'll leave you guys to Google that :P)

Oh hello there, 2015!

It's hard to look forward to a year which started with bawling your eyes out (another story for another time), but existential angst aside, here I am greeting the year (finally) with all the positivity and good vibes I can muster.

You see, I don't want to lose my marbles.

Mula kay Nena

Salamat sa WayBackMachine, nahanap ko ang sagot ni Nena sa aking sinulat na Para kay Nena. Aking ibabahagi na rin sa blog na 'to bilang pag-alaala sa buhay ni Nena.

Para kay Nena

Nena, naaalala mo pa nung sinulat ko 'to nung 2002? Nalathala ito sa (wala ne'to ngayon), at sa newsletter ng departamento namin. Ibabahagi ko ito ngayon sa blog ko na walang pagbabago galing mismo sa digital na kopya ng newsletter. [Hindi nga lang ako makakita ng kopya ng sinulat mo namang sagot dito :( Salamat sa WaybackMachine, nahanap ko ang sagot ni Nena. Maari niyo rin itong basahin dito (sa blog ko).] [Edited to add links]