20 for 2020

Another plot twist for this year -- me, updating this blog 😅

I thought I'd spend the last few hours of this year listing 20 .... hmmmm ... notable (?) things about my 2020.

There are A LOT of notable things that happened this year all over the country, well, basically all over the world, but this list would just be those that had the most impact on me.

Oh by the way, this is going to be really old-school so more stream-of-consciousness and less photos (or maybe none? Let's see how this goes haha!)

Fresh page, part 3: ART

Can you believe I've made three posts already for this year? 😁

For this year, one of my goals would be to bring back creativity in my life through personal passion projects. Creativity should not only be part of my job (which I'm thankful that it is), but also part of my every day life.

And this is how I plan to do start bringing back the art in my life:

Fresh page, part 2: HEART

Continued from the previous post!

Just to manage expectations based on the title -- this is not about my love life, okay!

Earlier this month, I joined Purposeful Creatives' #Braver2018Challenge to help me set braver goals for 2018. (You can find more information about the workshop / challenge in a blog post by Arriane Serafico (founder of Purposeful Creative) on how to set goals for the new year.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the challenge but, I did do the pre-work and some of the missions. Now at least I have in mind what I want to do / be for this year.

(I might be able to tell you more about some of those goals in succeeding blog posts)

And I called upon some charmed friends to help me harness positive energies from the universe to help me with these goals 😉

Fresh page, part 1: ARTE

And I'm back! I can't believe I let a whole year go by without updating my blog :( Okay, let's all move on from that and catch up, ayt?

So, how's your new year coming along? Are you setting the pace for the year already, or just testing the waters out?

I've always treated January as a time to ~reflect on the past year, and ~contemplate what I want to accomplish for the new year, not only because it's the first month of the year, but it's also my birthday month! Growing a year older can really make you think long and hard about the future :P

Okay, but before we go ~deep, I just want to share some new things I've been trying out, and then some small passion projects I'm hoping to do this year, and then some of my plans for next month.