Fresh page, part 2: HEART

Continued from the previous post!

Just to manage expectations based on the title -- this is not about my love life, okay!

Earlier this month, I joined Purposeful Creatives' #Braver2018Challenge to help me set braver goals for 2018. (You can find more information about the workshop / challenge in a blog post by Arriane Serafico (founder of Purposeful Creative) on how to set goals for the new year.) Unfortunately, I wasn't able to finish the challenge but, I did do the pre-work and some of the missions. Now at least I have in mind what I want to do / be for this year.

(I might be able to tell you more about some of those goals in succeeding blog posts)

And I called upon some charmed friends to help me harness positive energies from the universe to help me with these goals 😉

Money and Success Magnet Bracelet from thecharmprojectph

This bracelet focuses on intentions for financial stability, promotions, success in business and work balance. What more can a working girl ask for?!? 

This was my first charm bracelet, which I put in as part of my wishlist for a Kris Kringle with friends, and generously given by my Kris Kringle mumshie. She was also once obsessed with charms and gemstones, and because of this, she's back to being obsessed haha! She actually bought some other bracelet for herself when she bought mine hehehe. I actually put in two options for a charm bracelet, but she chose to give this one to me because her intentions are for me to *really* focus on that area of my life 💜

Yellow calcite doubles the intentions (that's why it's called the Wish Granting Stone) of the wearer, and doubles existing power, strength, health, prosperity and good fortune. The stone also brings clarity of thought, mental power and focus in completing passion projects.

This one was given by a high school friend last December, and the gemstone is just perfect for this year! I do have a few goals in mind in different areas of my life (mostly related to money and my passion projects), and I'm hoping this bracelet will help me harness twice the energies I need from the universe! 🌟

The gemstone is considered to be one of the luckiest crystals, with its winning energy bringing prosperity and wealth, and boosting one's chances in any situation.

So my Kris Kringle mumshie (KKM) and I went to The Mala Tree to have my yellow calcite bracelet re-stringed (it was a bit too small, bless my high school friend haha), my money and success bracelet recharged, and for us to get check out more bracelets 😁

I ended up buying a yellow calcite bracelet for KKM, and she bought me this aventurine bracelet. KKM also bought another bracelet for herself, while I got a bracelet for a friend. All in all, The Mala Tree did good that night hahaha!


Okay, I know that you're thinking this is just New Age shiz, and I'm a foolish consumer for even buying into these bracelets.

First of all, there's no harm in trying them out. If they're mumbo-jumbo, at least they look good as accessories, right?

Second, I'm not *just* depending on these charms and gems to get me through the rest of the year. I do know that I need to take ACTION to reach my goals.

Lastly, putting your intentions out in the universe through the bracelets ain't a bad thing. Everything begins with a thought, right? I'm claiming my intentions in thought, and with my bracelets, I am REMINDED of these intentions, helping me MOVE MY ASS to claim these intentions in real life.

So if you need a little boost from the universe, check out thecharmprojectph in Instagram or The Mala Tree through their website, or visit The Mala Tree at their physical store located in Maginhawa, QC 👍

If you're obsessed with charms, crystals and gemstones too, let me know what you use! Also, please share your readings and sources -- I'd love to know more about them!

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