Fresh page, part 1: ARTE

And I'm back! I can't believe I let a whole year go by without updating my blog :( Okay, let's all move on from that and catch up, ayt?

So, how's your new year coming along? Are you setting the pace for the year already, or just testing the waters out?

I've always treated January as a time to ~reflect on the past year, and ~contemplate what I want to accomplish for the new year, not only because it's the first month of the year, but it's also my birthday month! Growing a year older can really make you think long and hard about the future :P

Okay, but before we go ~deep, I just want to share some new things I've been trying out, and then some small passion projects I'm hoping to do this year, and then some of my plans for next month.

Let's start with some of the new lip products I've tried the past holidays, and now are staples in my everyday ~lewk.

Vice Cosmetics Good Vibes Matte Lipstick

I was supposed to give Colourpop Super Shock Shadows to my high school friends, but the delivery got delayed (and eventually got lost boohoo but Colourpop gave me a refund so yey)! Instead, I bought them the matte lipstick from Vice Ganda cosmetics, because aside from the good reviews, and the good price point, and having pink packaging, you cannot deny the pop culture phenom that is Vice Ganda, right?!?

I mean, it all showed in the names of the shades of the lipstick -- I got Bonggacious (of course I got myself one too :P) and Chukchak (of course I got one more haha), while some of the shades I got my friends were named Good Vibes, Hayabayabayu, Pak Ganern, etc.

And the reviews are to be believed -- creamy, pigmented and demi-matte. And they smell oh so good! For PHP195, they are a steal! 

Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip

To be honest, I never considered buying anything from the Ultra Blotted line of Colourpop as I'm not really into tints or stains (dry lips problems huhubells). 

But I got one in the shade of Cherry on Top from a high school friend during the holidays, and when I tried it OHMEGEZ, I became a convert!

When I used it, my lips looked like I had a bit (or a lot lol) of red wine, or I just had a ton of cherry popsicles. Coverage was good, and it was pigmented enough that the dryness in my lips was not *that* noticeable. And putting it on is effortless, and doesn't have to be perfect. You can use your finger to smudge it for an ombre / gradient effect and it looks soooo natural.

The best thing about it was IT WAS TRANSFER-PROOF! Unlike the other lip product lines of Colourpop, this was really and truly transfer-proof! No lip marks on my mug, my straw, my food, on my boyfriend, CHAR hahaha! But seriously, A+++ for the Ultra Blotted Lip of Colourpop!

Fenty Beauty Hyper-Glitz Lipstick

When Rihanna came out with her cosmetics line, I immediately gravitated to the less expensive items hahaha such as the Gloss Bomb. A friend brought back one for me from the US, and I. was. hooked. It had a bit of glitter, and super glossy, and hydrating if I do say so myself. I usually wore it on its own when I would just go out for groceries, or on top of a matte lip product to prevent #drylipproblems.

And then the holiday line came out! Again, I gravitated towards the cheaper items, which were the lip products -- and yes, there were more! There were gloss AND lipstick products and they were all glittery and colorful and just perfect for the holidays.

Problem was, I really wanted the gloss ones because of my good experience with the Gloss Bomb, but they got sold out in pretty fast :( And then a friend tried to buy it for me in Australia and the gloss was sold out too, so I "settled" for the lipstick instead.

Okay, who am I kidding, I really didn't "settle" because I just really wanted ANYTHING from the Fenty holiday lip products hahaha! I got the Hyper-Glitz lipstick in the shade of Gravity, and iz so pink and glittery and I just love it! The shade and the glitter makes me feel girly and young (at my age LOL) and I just wanna Boomerang my lips as they shimmer and shine (I will try that one of these days hehe)

(Wow, I didn't expect 1/3 of my planned post for this month to be this long! So I'm breaking it up into three parts -- yey more content LOL!)

So I leave you with this -- do you have any new products you've come to love already this new year?

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