I am taking one photo per day for 100 days!

Okay, so what brought on this madness?

Waaaaay back in 2012, I did Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day Challenge  for July and September. It was really ~challenging (eh hello, photo-a-day challenge nga diba?!) because sometimes work and life takes over and it's already 11:40PM and you're still trying to come up with an idea for a photo for the word-for-the-day "heaven" (true story, bro).

So why would I want to get stressed out for 100 days? For words that may not mean anything to me on particular days? For photos that will not really win any fame or fortune?

Well, 1) I really wanted to do another set of Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day Challenge. But then it was already in the middle of October. How do I deal with waiting for November to start?

And, 2) I was also thinking of doing some variation of the 100 Days of Happiness Project. It's something I've seen being done by online friends, and I wanted in on the action LOLJK. I mean, what's wrong about looking for something sincerely good and positive every day for 100 days?

Mebbe you're asking now, "But why? Why do you want to do the challenge and / or project in the first place?"

Eh wala, gusto ko lang?!?


I guess the answer will be, I just wanted to *something* -- something for myself that didn't involve pigging out, taking dozens of selfies, spending money on clothes and make-up or spending hours watching my shows. (I'm not going to apologize though for eating what I want, taking pictures of myself when I'm feeling pretty or dressed up, or catching up on my shows.)

I wanted to do something different, yet something still true to myself. I could've started running or rowing but that's not who I am (right now). I could've started to learn calligraphy or leather crafts but I know I do not have the required time (or budget). I could've started reading all the books I've bought and haven't read (and do the one-book-a-week challenge maybe???) but I can always find time for that.

So I came up with #100DaysOfShelley (patent pending lelz) which is sort of a combination of the Photo-a-day Challenge and the 100 Days of Happiness Project. It's really simple --  I take one photo a day based on FatMumSlim's word-for-the-day (using the challenge's hashtags), and I will do it for 100 days (using the project's hashtags)!

BUT WAIT, there's more!

To make this challenge / project extra special, and extra ~Shelley~, I started it on a date so that the 100th day falls on my birthday! Hopefully my counting skills are accurate and I started on the correct date HAHAHA.

I created 100daysofshelley, a public Instagram account, for this project. What is the point of using all those hashtags if it won't be seen publicly diba? The photos you see here in my blog's sidebar come from that account :)

Follow my project account please so I can be shamed into finishing this project LOL. And then send hearts / likes when I post a photo to encourage me =}

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