Dancing in September...

Another month completed! Goo'jab me, LOL!

I got Sherlock (my phone) back from the service center last August 15, and so I had to wait for September to do the one month of prompts by FatMumSlim. Also the tail-end of August proved to be such a roller-coaster of feels, I do not think I would've been able to remember to take photos everyday. The prompts for the month of September though helped me overcome the feels and get back to normal (or to as normal as I could get LOL).

And so, behold my September photos below. Click on the image to go to the Flickr set (and for the descriptions, etc). 

(I'm thinking if I should still do the prompts by FatMumSlim, or go my own way for October. Here's her list for October. What do you think?)

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