Regarding Cab Conversations


I've been cabbing it to work and back home for quite some time now (as I am tamad and cannot forego the extra hour of sleep in the morning) so I've had my fair share of cab drivers that drive me nuts. There are those who "tsk-tsk" every time we encounter heavy traffic (Gusto niyo walang traffic kuya? Paki-drive ako sa probinsya, puede?), there are those who fall asleep while driving (Kuya kape ka muna sa bahay, baka anong mangyari sa inyo eh!), and then there are those with meters that defy logic (Wag kang makahingi-hingi ng dagdag ha!).

The best cab drivers IMHO? Those who talk about love, sex and life in general. They usually start off with asking my age, and them being surprised that I look so young (Kuya naman eh! *blush* LOL), and then they usually ask if I have a boyfriend or a husband. I am usually very honest answering them, because hello, I will never see these people again!

Oh and the priceless words of wisdom I get from them! Here are the most recent cab conversations I've had that stood out in the past two months:

Conversation 1: From an event in Makati to Ortigas
Cab Driver: May asawa ka na?
Me: Hiwalay na po kami.
Cab Driver: O, ba't kayo naghiwalay?
Me: Ayaw na po niya sakin.
Cab Driver: Yun lang yon? Ayaw na niya sayo?
Me: Opo.
Cab Driver: Bakit nga? Ano yon, payat ka ba dati, tapos bigla ka lang tumaba?
Me: (Laughs) Puede ngang ganon!
Cab Driver: Pero nakapag-move on ka na?
Me: Oo naman po!
Cab Driver: Ako gusto ko na ring mag-move on sa asawa ko.
Me: Ay bakit po? Ano pong nangyari sa asawa niyo?
Cab Driver: Gusto ko ng makapag-move on sa asawa kong nagger!
Lesson learned: Don't get fat and don't nag.

Conversation 2: On my way home

Background: 29-year old cab driver has a 45-year old girlfriend (who is married), plus a friends-with-benefits relationship with a girl his own age (who has a boyfriend)
Cab Driver: Panakip butas ko lang naman dapat yung mas bata
Me: Okay
Cab Driver: Kala ko makakalimutan ko yung mas matanda habang kami
Me: Pero?
Cab Driver: Eh may kakaibang amoy kasi yung mas bata...
Me: *facepalm*
Cab Driver: Syempre pag nagsesex kayo... di mo maiiwasa---
Me: Okay gets ko naman Kuya.
Cab Driver: Hygiene problem kasi talaga!
Lesson learned: Clean your nether regions. LOL.

Conversation 3: On my way to the office
Cab Driver: O eh, may asawa ka na?
Me: Opo.
Cab Driver: Ilan na anak niyo?
Me: Isa lang po.
Cab Driver: O bakit isa lang?
Me: Hiwalay na po kasi kami.
Cab Driver: Ilan taon ka na ba?
Me: 32 po.
Cab Driver: Bata ka pa. Makakahanap ka pa ng true love mo.
Me: (Laughs) Oo naman manong, di pa naman ako nawawalan ng pag-asa.
Lesson learned: There is always hope :)


Take note that these conversations took place only in the past two months. I have so many other interesting conversations with cab drivers (like gay actors propositioning them, how meters are being fixed, why they are choosy aka mapili sa pasahero) I can make a whole new blog about it, I swear :))

The best thing about me having conversations with the cab driver? Well, aside from making him less sleepy, or building some sort of "bond" so he won't get that mad with my stingy tip, I get to practice my small talk slash conversation skills! Although sometimes the topics are not really for "small talk", I admit LOL. But well, at least I try and learn to converse with strangers, so that when the time comes I need to converse with non-strangers or people I barely know, I'll be more comfortable.

Just as long as the topic isn't about feminine hygiene LOL.

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  1. loved this. antayin ko next blogpost about sa mga taxi ride adventures mo. :D