5 Things I Learned from the Ex Last Weekend


I wouldn't normally talk to the ex about anything, but the situation kinda called for it.

So over a few cigarettes, here are mind-boggling nuggets I learned from, and because of, the ex:

1) The statement "Ang hot ko pala nung college" deserves a high-five.

I don't know if he agreed that I was hot back in college (I was the one who made that oh-so-nagbubuhat-ng-bangko-quip), or he agreed  because he thinks he was hot back in college as well.

Well, why not both LOL.

2) Guys will say anything to assure a girl and get her to do what he wants.

His example was of course himself (being that this conversation was really all about him and his problems /sarcasm) and the things he told me. Okay point taken, but I still don't want to generalize.

3) If he wanted to, he can get any girl to break up with her boyfriend and hook up with him.

DI KO KINAYA. I think I must've rolled my eyes at him so much that my eyes almost fell off their sockets. And I showed him the aforementioned eye-rolling.

And I think I had a bout of LOLs.

4) Guys in his office will usually give him a heads-up when they will go after his former girlfriends.

(These former girlfriends are the ones he had during our marriage.)

And, take note, even those higher in position than him would do him the courtesy of asking permission to go out with his former girlfriend.

I think I had another bout of eye-rolling and LOLs after this statement.

5) I am so over the ex.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the father of my daughter.

I am actually thankful in a way, because this guy knows EVERY BULLSHIT that a guy will throw at my daughter, and so will eventually weed out the undesirables. Baka nga lang di na magka-boyfriend ang anak ko hahaha!

Not that he would want me back though, but before, when I'm asked if I'd accept him back if ever he wants to get back together, of course hypothetically speaking (that is, when hell freezes over, pigs start flying, and my weight goes back down to 120 lbs), I don't really have a ready answer. He will always have a special place in my heart (of course, he's my daughter's father!) and there was this desire to keep the family together for the Star.

If you ask me that again now, I will answer with Taylor Swift's new song: "And we, are never ever ever, getting back together" (cue LSS as well). Why the fuck did I fall for that macho shit?!?

Blech. Complete and utter turn-off.


Our "relationship" after our separation has been rocky at best. We rarely went out just the three of us -- I think I can count two birthdays of the Star and one movie and that's it. We would also get into each other's throats with our passive-aggressive texts (or was it just me? anywayyyyy).

I think with number 5 above, whatever resentment and contempt that I felt for him also went away. I felt a certain "lightness" between us after we talked. And I do want that of course, since he is the father of my daughter, and I really do not want to spend the rest of my life having such negative relations with him. I just want some good vibes, man, you know, no more BV :)

Again, thank you Dar for listening to me that night. I hope you have my back when push comes to shove :) [Dar, learn more idioms okay? ;)]

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