10 Things I Learned During The Torrential Rains Which Must Not Be Named


In between checking the flood water level outside our house (it only went as far as the garage thank gods) and checking my social media networks for news regarding the torrential rains which shall not be named, I had a little time to catch up on news and events all over the intarnets and some introspection while the Star and I were stuck at home for three days.

1) I have unexplained feels for Ryan Lochte.

Have you seen his Twitter account? Have you seen those ridiculous neon green trainers? How about the grills? Have you heard of the #jeah catchprase? Well here's Ryan Lochte's Guide To Looking Like An Olympic Douchebag to learn more about his douchebaggery.


But, I have seen and heard all that, but I must say, I cannot resist that wink and that boyish smile! I may have to agree with these 10 Reasons Why Ryan Lochte is America's Sexiest Douchebag.

2) The Mars Curiosity Landing was all over my Twitter feed, but I'd like to be all over the Mohawk Guy.

We got a bad-ass over here.


From the sexy Olympic douchebag who can't spell scissors, to the adorkable NASA scientist who landed the Mars rover.

Is it the mohawk? Is it the mohawk with the blue and red stripes? Is it the mohawk with the blue and red stripes and those yellow stars? Is it the mohawk with the blue and red stripes and those yellow stars on a NASA scientist?

Yes, NASA needs more mohawks.

3. McKayla is not impressed, you guys.


I'm sure everyone knows the real reason for this photo already. And that McKayla is pretty much not impressed with anything (including Ryan and Bobak heee). But hey, I'm impressed that McKayla is such a sport :)

4) Jeremy Sisto is in an adorable sitcom called Suburgatory.

Okay, so a rewatch of Clueless with the Star during our 3-day stay indoors reminded me of the existence of one Jeremy Sisto.


Cute huh? But his character went all creepy and date-rape-y on Cher, but hey Jeremy's still cute right?

So fast forward to 17 years later (yes, WE ARE THAT OLD ALREADY JFC CLUELESS WAS 17 YEARS AGO), and Jeremy "Rollin' with the Homies" Sisto is now playing a dad to a teenage girl in Suburgatory.

I got the first season, and watched the first few eps, and I must say, it's adorable! I love the father-daughter relationship of George (played by Jeremy Sisto) and Tessa (played by Jane Levy). The George character is a complete opposite of all the creepy and psychotic characters that Jeremy Sisto usually plays, and I'm glad he didn't bring in any of that creepiness in the series. (But he's seriously weird in real life LOL)

And the best thing ever about the series?

Hell yeah, Alicia Silverstone guest-starred in a 4-episode story arc! I can't wait for those episodes to come up during my marathon watch!

5) Ely Buendia has fluffy hair.

The things I notice when I only have the internet to amuse me.

Thanks to Karla Redor for this video of Ely singing Tikman during Ely's Greatest Hits Show last August 3. I seriously want to do naughty things to Ely's hair. Gaaaaah. More pictures of Ely by Karla here!

6. Multiply is shutting down its social media platform.

I tend to miss tweets when I'm at work, so I'm glad I didn't miss this update from my timeline.

Thanks to Karla's tweet below:

and to this blog post here, we were assured that the online buying sites in Multiply will still remain. I'm not really worried about my blog posts and pictures there since the content in my Multiply site is from my blog here, and from my Flickr photostream. So essentially, I still have copies of everything. Sad about the comments though, will I be able to keep those?

7. I'm cool, according to this account:

8. Twitter noobs who abuse hash tags are not cool.

Sorry if I'm offending you, but it's just a pet peeve. I use hash tags a lot too, but only for *emotional* tweets like while I'm watching my TV shows (yes, I get emotional over my TV shows).

#Seriously #just #stop #hashtagging #everything. #Just #saying. #twitternoobs

9. I can survive almost 60 hours without a cigarette.

Guess who smoked the last stick of her stash by Monday night, thinking she will still be able to buy cigarettes the next day?

10. A text can make all the difference.

I knew the worst was over when I got that text :3


I'm not trying to make light of what happened during the torrential rains. I was seriously paranoid as hell as some of our neighbors from blocks away were already evacuating. But we had enough food and water, we still had electricity and the internet, and so I decided to stay and wait out the rain, and the floods, if ever they get into the house. We are one of the lucky ones, I know that for sure, and for that, we are eternally grateful :)

And as for these ten things, they were part of our experience while we were stuck at home. I want to remember not only the fear and paranoia, but also the "good times" as well :)


  1. me and ysa LOOOVES suburgatory. hehe. ;)

  2. it's tessa's sarcasm noh? :))

  3. and the crazy suburban people! :D