Oh hey, I finished a passion project!

One of my plans early this year was to do two more rounds of #100daysofshelley project using my @everydayshelley Instagram account. Originally, the #100daysofshelley project was just a way for me to do a countdown to my birthday, by posting everyday for 100 days until my birthday, with the help of Fat Mum Slim's photo-a-day prompts. I've already done two rounds of the countdown btw. But then, as the second countdown was winding down at the end of this year, I thought hmmm... why not push myself to do two more sets FOR THE YEAR???

And so push I did. I had the BRILLIANT idea to use books for this second round of the #100daysofshelley project -- meaning, I will still be using Fat Mum Slim's prompts for the day, but I had to post a photo of a book connected to the prompt. Easy peasy? Not really LOL.

Well, yeah there were a few prompts that really connected to the title of the book:

DAY 13: Loud

DAY 21: Clouds

DAY 27: Season

Or the book cover:

DAY 36: Path

DAY 38: Apple

DAY 73: What I see

Or the color of the book:

DAY 23: Blue and white

DAY 25: Green

DAY 75: Yellow

There was also a month during the challenge where the prompts were just letters of the alphabet.

It was easier than I expected except for those books starting with:

DAY 54: K is for... (I think I went to three bookstores before I found this in a used bookstore so yey not so expensive!)

DAY 67: X is for... (No X-Files book so I went the "banned" route)

DAY 69: Z is for... (It should be for zombies, which I thought this book would be about but no LOL)

There were some posts wherein I really had to streeeeeeeeetch the connection between the prompt and the book, like:

DAY 81: Shape (Caption was -- Don't be a square. I cringe LOL)

DAY 85: Speed (Because instant = speed ionno LOL)

DAY 5: My face (And I chose a book with a skeleton on the cover okay)

But there were days when I had the perfect book for the prompt:

DAY 79: Throwback (Since 11/22/63 is a book about time travel)

DAY 29: Oh no (appropriate reaction to the apocalypse in Good Omens)

DAY 39: Oh my (appropriate reaction to the secret lives of great artists)

So what have I learned after going through this project?

Planning is key. Towards the end of each month, I would check the prompts for next month, and go through my books (and my daughter's books haha) for those that would fit the prompts. I wrote them down and would refer to the list throughout the month. Google also helped me out in planning as I searched for books related to the prompts.

I also took (and edited) photos for 3 posts at a time to maintain the ~lewk and ~aesthetic of my grid / feed. It was hard to maintain but again, it was all about the planning. And checking the closet for what I can use as my background 😜

Let it go and power through. There were times I felt like I wouldn't be able to find a book to match the prompt. There were times I felt I was stretching the connection between the prompt and the book. There were times I didn't know what layout to use, or I would feel I was doing the same layout again. There were times I would miss posting for the day, and there were times I missed by 9 days!

I got discouraged during these times but I let go of my apprehensions and I. JUST. POWERED. THROUGH. I didn't want to abandon the project, and I know I'd feel so accomplished once the 100 days were over. Which was true -- I did feel so accomplished and proud of myself for finishing this project!

Lastly, I need to read more of my books! I came across titles I haven't read -- and there were A LOT. I also came across books I've started reading -- however for whatever reasons, I didn't get around to finishing. And I came across those books I've already and felt like old friends I haven't seen in a long time -- due for remembering good times and catching up.

And that's it! This passion project was really one for the ... wait for it .. books! (Had to do it, sorry hahaha!) I'll be resurfacing on my @everydayshelley account on the 23rd of June, and I have no idea what do to yet for the 3rd round of my 100 days project 😐 Let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions for me, or if you're planning to do the same project! 😄

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