Yosi: 0 ... oh why do I even put this here?!?
Kape: 1
Panoorin: Crying Ladies :D
Angas: Sino pa kaya?!? (Si Santa Claus... kasi di na niya ko binibigyan ng gifts eh huhuhu)

Hinde... hindi si Santa noh! Neways, HE made things so messed up na naman and it's all because of RO. And to think we spent Christmas sa Filinvest with MY family! And HE spent all (well, almost all) of his time in front of the computer pa rin! Akala ko pa naman eh we'll be able to have some quality time together (as in BE together ha, hindi yung tipong magkasama nga kami pero kebs naman namin isa't isa) kasi nasa bahay na kami nina Mommy. *Aargh*

Tapos the I felt like the whole time na nasa bahay kami, he was giving out I'm-doing-you-this-big-favor-spending-Xmas-with-YOUR-family na dapat okay lang na maglaro siya ng RO! Fuck talaga! On Christmas Day mismo, pagkatapos mag-Noche Buena, dumeretso na siya sa computer para maglaro ng RO. NAKAKAHIYA!

Kaya talaga minsan, I get ASHAMED and EMBARASSED when people know or learn na he's the father of my child *sigh*

On To Happier Stories

Making up for his blech behavior, we went to watch Crying Ladies sa Sta. Lucia last night. Nakakatuwa nga talaga yung Crying Ladies. I think Hilda Koronel should win something! Ewan ko ha, pero she stole the limelight from Sharon Cuneta eh. Hilda Koronel's character kasi is a former actress who was in the movie Darna and the Giants, and she played a provincial lass who got stepped on by a giant. Tas everytime she talks with somebody, namemention yung Darna and the Giants! Neways, good thing yung napili kong movie to watch during the MMFF was not a dud. Unlike last year, since kasama namin si Darice, ang pinanood namin Lastikman [horrors!].

Nga pala, I might meet up with Kat and Trace later. I need a big yosi break. As in.

I'll be giving them homemade lip gloss/balm nga pala. I have to do that pa, pero I still have to go to Sta. Lucia to buy supplies (essential oils lang naman).

Yun lang muna.


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