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The Year 2004 for Aquarius According to the Stars

Astrology.com's Forecast

Being the astrology enthusiast that I am, I hopped over to Astrology.com to get my 2004 forecast. According to the stars, planets and the universe, my year will go as such:

OVERVIEW: You're aware of past mistakes in early January, and you intend to do better -- with or without help. The 6th opens your ideal window for starting, and you can expect a major breakthrough by the 21st. As February begins, an appreciative audience collects around your efforts. The professional and personal mix beautifully in the second week of the month, although the 20th takes some wind out of your sails. Luckily, your watery characteristics help you wring every drop of positive feeling from subsequent events. The tried and true is still a reliable fallback in March.

Hmmm... So, tama nga, mejo, kasi I've been soul-searching kanina while I was waiting for the wash cycle to finish. [Ganyan ako pag naglalaba talaga eh, napapa-isip ako ng kung anu-ano] Sana naman yung "major breakthrough" is a JOB! Sana kayanin ko rin whatever it is that will "takes some wind out of my sails" -- kakaumpisa pa lang ng taon eh pahirapan na nanaman?!?

March 21st showers you in delicious madness -- and by the 24th you're using it. Subversive acts have others wondering after April 5th. If your plans self-destruct on the 19th or 20th, at least you come out unscathed. Call this another learning experience, and be as gracious as possible about it starting May 5th. Between the 17th and 21st, a crisis of conscience brings questions about reality, but suddenly life is vastly better. If your luck seems uncanny around June 10th, at least it's with you until summer begins.

Ngarks -- ano kaya yong "subversive acts" na yan?! Iiral na naman ang pagiging stubborn ko malamang! Tapos bakit naman my "plans self-destruct on the 19th or 20th" eh birthday ni Darice non! Shet... baka mangyayari na yong naiisip ko na gusto ko sanang mangyari... ops ops ops, nope, hindi po wedding bells ang maririnig niyo ^_^

Uncertainty grows during the last week of June. Relationships are up for review through most of July; take a big step back and respect others who do the same. The tables turn on July 23rd, and you see many ways to use this sudden advantage. Push gently through early August; forcing it could ruin everything. Agreements are temporary after the 10th and may be null and void by the 30th. Sanity and respect gradually return in the first weeks of September -- you're very glad to see them.

Maibabalik pa pala yung "sanity and respect" ko *lol*

Everyone relaxes or perks up after September 23rd. Your neighborhood or work is exactly what you need it to be. Commitments made on October 14th will keep you warm and satisfied when the tide turns on the 24th, and hardships beginning on the 28th fade like bad dreams after November 11th. From here to year's end it's a free ride, with the full benefits becoming obvious after the 22nd. December hosts an easy fight between you and the perceived forces of darkness -- by the height of the holidays, you're clearly winning.

Mukhang okay ang last quarter for the year 2004 ^_^

Cosmo's Bedside Astrologer's Forecast

Being the Cosmo girl that I am, I bought the January 2004 issue with the (free? I dunno, kasi dapat 100bux lang yung Cosmo, tas 120bux yung price for Jan) Bedside Astrologer 2004 written by Hazel Dixon-Cooper.

You've always been a one-of-a-kind chica, but this is your year to really let your originality shine under Neptune's imaginative influence. In April, you'll find a creative way to help a charity group and make a new friend in progress. This summer, you'll set a fashion standard when you show up at a club sporting a bold look only a celeb would dare to wear. Even your flirting style is inspired in October when you push the art of seduction to a new level.

Walang ka-connect-connect sa finorecast ng Astrology.com! Sana mangyari rin yan lahat, lalo na yung "show up at a club" kasi eons ago pa ako last mag-club! And nakanaman, I have time pa to "help a charity group and make a new friend" ^_^ Grabe, I'm a busy bee!

If you're single, you'll be a major man magnet this year. A downer day in May turns into a lucky break when the dude who comes to your rescue turns out to be a handsome stud. A September fling with a world-traveller will give you a taste for all things exotic.

Shet, sana single na lang ako! "Major man magnet"?!? Di kaya ng powers ko! *lol* Oh well, keri lang, man magnet naman talaga ako eh, for 2004 nga lang, magiging "major" ^_^ [Pakshet, ang corny!]

If you're attached, you're fed up with the same old routine. You're tempted to stray in June, but don't risk your love for a one-night stand. In May, you and your honey will make a pact to try new things, and by July, you'll have discovered all sorts of exciting hot spots and cool people. Get away in October for a romantic weekend that will feel like the first time all over again.

Ooh, grabe na itow, mala-telenovela na naman! Right on target, I am "fed up with the same old routine"! Funny naman, may chance pa pala for "risking my love for a one-night stand" *lol* Good luck na lang dun sa "make a pact to try new things" eh si Dar nabaon na ata sa routine na Sta. Lucia and Rob's Metro East ang laging puntahan eh, so pano na yung "hot spots and cool people" na yan diba? I'm crossing my fingers for that "romantic weekend" in October!


So that's what the stars have in store for me!

Toodles! ^_^

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