I'm sorry but this blog entry will not be a commentary on that show from the Kapuso network.

I've been a depressed freak for about a week already. I've had it with my weepy pathetic attitude. Dar is not home. This is my chance to have fun ^_^

And so when Sherwin told me through pop that the Black Eyed Peas were going to be at the Podium for an autograph signing sesssion, I immediately agreed to go with him. Hey, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Of course I won't be able to afford tickets for their concert, so a free autograph signing session is the next best thing.

The session was supposed to start at 4pm. By 5pm, I was still in the office debugging my extractor for the report :-/ My fault really, because I couldn't think straight. I was so excited: to be able to go out, and to be able to see Black Eyed Peas. And so I was able to leave the office by 5:15 and raced to the Podium.

Sherwin sent me a message saying the band wasn't there yet, but there were a lot of people already. One of the reasons I also agreed to go see BEP was that the mall was Podium. Even though I knew there was going to be a crowd, it would definitely be the 'sosi' crowd. (Forgive me if I'm a bit prejudiced)

Hmm... didn't see Sherwin at once. So I bought their CD, since I just don't want BEP to sign some shitty piece of paper. Goodbye 450 bux, hello CD-signed-by-black-eyed-peas!

Okay, so I was able to find Sherwin and Mitchie, and we waited for hours. A bunch of people were already seated on the chairs provided near the stage, and we were just one of the many peeps standing around the whole area.

Some rappers and hip-hop-ers were performing onstage. Funny - a rapper instructed the audience to say 'AYE' (or so I thought, then) when he says 'BLACK', which went like this:

Rapper: Black
Audience: AYE
Rapper: Peas (or Peace)

Nyahahaha... not so funny when I'm writing it down.

Anyways, Black Eyed Peas finally went onstage! It was probably around 7pm already (poor peeps who were there since 4pm), and the people just went wild! Phones and digicams were all up in the air, hoping that they could at least take a pic of the band. Alas, wasn't able to bring my camera coz, well, I just learned today that I was gonna be doing this.

Okays, just have to write this down, but FERGIE IS ONE HOT CHICK! One of my fave videos right now is Hey Mama, because of the way that chick grinds and moves her butt! (Am I sounding lesbian now? Nyahahah)

So they were making the peeps line up already, but the stage was being mobbed, coz the peeps from the chairs weren't lining up in an orderly manner. I decided I had to join the mob if I was going to have a chance to have my CD signed.

I grabbed Sherwin (Mitchie can't handle crowds) and we went in. Problem was, Sherwin didn't buy the CD yet, and the band was just going to sign the CD, no posters, pics or what-have-yous. Before the band came, Sherwin was still trying to decide if he was going to buy the CD. Now that he was consumed by excitement and fervor of the crowd, he just had to buy the CD. Problem was, again, that he couldn't just leave his place in the crowd coz he'll have a hard time again trying to squeeze in. Then, it was Mitchie to the rescue, bought him the CD and brought it to him in the crowd.

Now, Sherwin and I were already beside ourselves with excitement. We were being pushed forward, backward, to the left and to the right, but hell, we didn't care. Some bitchy old woman complained that *WE* were pushing her, so Sherwin told her off. (Haha. Hats off to Sherwin) Bitch.

And our time came. We went up the stage. First up was Apl D'Ap. I just smiled. Second was Fergie. My smile got wider, and I knew my face looked more stupid. When I got to Taboo and Will.I.Am, I was a speechless dumb jerk.
Hell, I became a true starstruck fan.

I was tingling by the time I got off the stage. I've never been so near such big celebrities before. (Well, Richard Gomez did put his hand on my shoulder when I was kid, but that was eons ago) It was such a rush.

All I can say is, thanks Sherwin for letting me tag along with you. ^_^ Thanks to the Podium for hosting the event. And a big thank you to the Black Eyed Peas for making my hellish week not so hellish anymore.


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