So, tomorrow is Dar's birthday. Good thing I was able to think of a gift aside from the t-shirt/shorts that I usually buy him. Since he's very 'sensitive' about his 'rough-looking' (er, they feel rough, too) feet, I decided to buy him a foot spa set from Zen Zest.

During lunch, I went over to Galleria to scout for foot spa stuff (like the scrub, the lotions etc). I first went to the Beauty Bar. My gas, a tube of foot scrub for almost 800 bux. Naah, can't afford that. Besides, I wanted a whole set, with a foot spa solution, a scrub, lotion, spray, the works. And I wanted all that for less than 500 bux hahaha.

So I went to the department store. All I saw was this little foot-shaped sachets, which is good for one use only. I bought three of those sachets, so that Darice could also have a gift for Dar.

As I went out of the department store, I realized it was already 12:30pm, and I still have no foot spa set!

Haaay, good thing I saw Zen Zest's stall. They were selling a foot spa set, yahoo! And for less than 300 bux woohoo! So I bought that, then went to National to buy some wrapping paper.

Whew... was able to return to the office by 1:15pm ^_^

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