Absolute Gluttony!

This week has been all about food, food, and more food.


Twas my sister's birthday, so we went to my family's house for dinner. Since I only get to eat my Mom's cooking every once in a while, I really pigged out on the pasta and chicken. *burp* Had enough space for some buko pandan cake too. *yummy*


Jollibee breakfast with MMS team. Twas free, coz we used up the late funds.

And pandesal with Miss Mach's egg sandwich spread. Kakaiba talaga ang egg sandwich spread ni Miss Mach. Mommy Shaws said it must be the salt hehehe ^_^


Mommy Shaws and Love's birthday blowout. Had lots of food delivered from North Park. *yummy* Pigged out on the garlic squid and yang chao.

For the afternoon break, had delicous blueberry cake delivered from Jack's Loft. (Sabi ni MJ, di na daw nya alam ang lasa ng mga cake sa Red Ribbon and Goldilock's) God, the cake was so sinful. I am absolutely going to try the New York Cheesecake from Jack's Loft.


MMS blow-out lunch out for Jing (she was going to leave the next day) at Mr. Choi's in Galleria. Yummy chinese food (again) and I absolutely devoured their version of spicy garlic squid. (Lalong masarap kasi subsidized ng mga big bosses, so we only had to pay 30 bux each hehehe)


Ultimate gluttony to the max.

Lunch out with my office batch mates at Lola Idang's. Twas for welcoming Marjay to the group. God, so many food - kare-kare, sinigang, crispy pata *drool* and crispy chicken.

Then for the break, Jing and Malen sponsored our merienda: Yellow Cab pizza, Red Ribbon spaghetti and cake from somewhere in Eastwood (aaargh! Can't remember the place!) Di ko na pinatulan yung spaghetti, di na talaga kaya ng powers ko. Well, I did have two slices of pizza and some cake (which I ate like I was being tortured to finish it!).


I never thought I could eat so many food in one week! I think I gained almost 10 pounds this week!

Diet na ito!

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