Yosi: tons
Kape: as usual, tons

Sinabihan ko si Dar na fake sya.

Nagpapakalambing na naman kasi. Right after he asked me to do his thesis. Bleh.

I hate it when he does that. It's so obvious that he's just being sweet because he wants me to do something for him. He's always like that. He's only malambing when he wants something from me (it's either sex, service, or both).


So fake.

I refused his lambing kasi. And he asked me what was my problem. So I told him.

"Ang fake mo kasi"

I can't believe na sinabi ko yon. I can't believe na nasabi ko na rin yon at last.

Masama ba ako? Masama ba na ganon naramdaman ko? Eh ganon talaga kasi yung dating sakin eh. I felt it was not a sincere showing of his affections. I felt that he did that so that he can get his way. So that I'd do what he wanted me to do. So that I'd think, "Nilalambing naman nya ako eh. Sige na nga, gawin ko na gusto nya.

Which is usually what happens.

Of which I am so sick and tired of doing.

And so I said it.

"Ang fake mo kasi"

Ang sarap ng feeling na nasabi ko yon.

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