It's a lovely day, just got paid,
Stack it up, be on my way,
Lovely day, lovely day,
Lovely day,

Theme song of the day! Coz it's payday woohoo! And when I have money, I gotta go shopping YEBAH!


There are two trends na gusto kong patulan sa shopping escapade ko - either the flats trend or the pink trend.

This is what I wanted to buy sana:

Starpump perforated in white, black. P1950. From X:ODUS

Kaso it's too expensive! Budget ko lang sana 1K.

Pero eto gusto ko sanang patulan... two trends in one shoe yebah!

Buckled pump with kitten heel, in bright yellow, bubblegum pink. P895. From JANYLIN

O diba, less than 1K, flats na, pink pa hehehe...

Pero pagdating ko ng Janilyn kanina, sadness, yung yellow na lang. Ay, di kakayanin ng powers ko yan noh! Besides naisip ko kanina na puro closed na yung shoes ko and pinagtatatapon ko na yung mga sandals ko (kasi sila'y kalumaan na). Tsaka meron na pala akong dalawang flats na binili last month kaya yun na yun.

I'll buy something pink na lang. ^_^


While I was looking through MSN yesterday, I stumbled into their shopping portal. Hahahha, and then I saw this: Editor's Picks: Purple Fashion Trends! Woohoo! Purple is in, yebah!


A girl named Jenny (who I don't know from Adam) from MySpace wrote me a message advertising her friends' shirt company. Anyhoo, I went over to the site, and they feature really cute shirts. Check it out if you're nerdy and you know it!


That's it for now... Toodles ^_^

*image and shoe information from Shopcrazy

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