Beer Birthday Blowout

This was the first time our batch in the office had a get-together that didn't involve a birthday surprise or a welcome lunch-out. We were out for a night of booze, thanks to three birthday celebrants. And of course, I wouldn't miss a night of free food and drinks ^_^

Ang Gabi ng Limang Beer at Sangkatutak na Yosi

An hour before this picture was taken, I was in the office, haggardly trying to modify a program which was going to be "closed" or submitted the next day. Kaya ganon na lang ako ka-hayok sa beer at yosi ahahahahaha... Hihihih... nakasilip yung mata ni spongebob sa suot kong shirt!

We ended up at Pioneer Grill at Pioneer Centre on Pioneer Street [oo na, fine, nasa Pioneer na!] Not all present were batchmates, as two of the guys were already team leaders (they're team leaders of the two birthday celebrants). And not all batchmates were present, sadness.

The night had many surprises. First, they were surprised by me, and my affinity for beer and yosi. [What can I say, I look like your typical good girl ^_^] Second, two batchmates showed their affinity for yosi for the first time. [Although I wasn't that surprised... mejo expected ko na... lam mo na.. it takes one to know one] Last, we found out that a certain birthday celebrant tends to be "noisy" when he's had a little too much beer hahahah... =D

Anyways, you'd think we spent all night drinking... Nah...

I was home by 10 pm! ^_^

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