The week-long celebration of our company's ninth anniversary started with the launch party of Formula Soluziona at Jack's Loft in Eastwood.

O diba? Samin lang ang Jack's Loft?!? Sosi noh?!?

The Game of the Blind Item

So they started with all these people, wherein they were asked to find for certain things (like a Soluziona cap, a Honda or Mitsubishi car key chain, etc), and only five people will go on to the next round.

In the next round, the five remaining people were asked questions about the preceding Formula Soluzion presentation.

And, as fate would have it, after a couple of questions, only these two people were left...

The crowd went wild! Everybody was shouting "Kiss!", especially the male higher-ups who've had a couple of beers already. The MMS team were laughing their heads off (Toto, the guy in the picture, is our team mate). I couldn't believe that the batch's blind item, which was just a private joke among us, revealed itself to all of Soluziona.

Haha. Now we can tease Toto out loud, ha! (Nahihiya akong lokohin si Gay eh, so si Toto ang laging target ko)

The MMS Higher-Ups

Ahhh.. the MMS team leaders and project manager. Even though the team is working its ass off with all our enhancements, coupled with the daily routine of extracts, batch runs and remedies, they still know how to party!

The Batch

Lining up for the food... took us a couple of minutes to pile our plates with pasta, chicken fingers, garlic mushrooms, ceasar salad and cheese poles. With Ken, Van, Sherbee and Gay (nakasilip lang hehehe)

With Reena, Trisha and Van, and an "oldie", Jerwin (? not sure about the spelling ?)

With Sherbee, Reena and Van... while I was munching on the chocolate cake ^_^

Had around three beers that night, kasabayan ko si Van and Juphel. Had a lot of smokes din, and kasabayan ko rin si Van and Juphel. No choice eh, had to wait for Reena to finish printing invites for the Amazing Race event that weekend. The party ended around 9pm, but I went home around 10:30 pa kasi I had to wait for Reena nga. Juphel, Van and I stayed outside while we talked about speech recognition (earth calling Juphel and Shelley!), kasentihan (earth calling Van!), and our favorite drunken moments. Our HR Mia called me up to invite us inside Jack's Loft again, but the boys declined (Awat na, ayoko ng mag-beer, low-batt na ko).

Ahhh... had a good party. Lots of beer, smokes, free food, and the most important thing, lots of good fun.

Toodles ^_^

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