Wet and Wild Trip

I took a leave today to accompany Darice, together with Dar, on her field trip.

There were 4 stops on the itenarary: Sugarland, Pag-asa Science Park Planetarium, McDonald's Quezon Ave., and Avilon Zoo. The Sugarland stop was kind of corny because it took about less than 5 minutes to tour the whole plant. Darice slept halfway through the Planetarium lecture (although I immensely enjoyed the lecture on the constellations ^_^). We stopped by McDonald's Quezon Ave for for lunch and a tour of their kitchen.

But it was at Avilon Zoo where we had a real trip. By the time we got there, it was drizzling already. The tour guide said it was a good 2-hour trip. *gulp* So we zipped up Darice in her jacket, brought out our flimsy 75-peso umbrella, and prayed that the rain would stop.

One of the first animals we saw were the miniature horses. Darice was really fascinated with them ^_^

Up next were some deers. Ako mismo nagulat na merong mga deers sa 'Pinas.

Then we went to the aviary. There were a lot of different species of birds, but Dar and I were fascinated by the blue pheasant. [Although, sadness, it doesn't look really blue here in the picture]

On to the amphibians and reptiles.

First, some frogs. That's a horned frog, and the orange-y one is a tomato frog.

And an albino snake. Ayaw lumapit ni Darice, scared sya eh!

There were some turtles, a few alligators (or was it crocs?).

And then after that, we got separated from the group.

Hahaha. Nahaggard kami sa kakahanap sa kanila. We did catch up with another group from the school, but both Darice and Dar were complaining already, and they wanted to go back to the bus. I was still willing to brave the strong drizzle, but I got tired of their whinings.

Di naman obvious na wala na kaming gana noh?

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