Work It Out

Ahh, it's a new week ahead.

Yesterday, we went to Robinson's Metro East so that I could finally *finally* sign up for Fitness First. Look out world, a new low-fat, low-carb missyosigirl will emerge. Hahahahha =D

So now, my week will be jam-packed. I have Spanish classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I have Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for the gym. Mejo bad timing nga lang pagsali ko kasi we have exams for our Spanish class this week, then comes the Halloween weekend. Next week siguro kaya ko pa MWF (ha, I really wish I could). Ay wait, di pala puede Monday kasi nasa Fontana pa kami non. Baka Wednesday or Friday na lang.

But no wait, next week, my team mates and I will be attending the Sun Tech Days at the Makati Shangri-la. Oh well, hope I don't get too tired so I could still work out after the seminars. And, will they make me go to Spanish class pa after the Thursday seminars? Aargh, yoko kaya!!!

Haaay... so many things to do. Today is the software development deadline of our team's major enhancement. Actually, tapos nako, I just need to do a *really* thorough testing to see if it *really* doesn't have any more bugs.

And one good thing about today: me and Drei are meeting for lunch. Hooray! Kahit na ma-miss ko yung review session para sa exam (seryoso talaga kami dun sa Spanish exams na yan ha), oks lang, kasi mish na mish ko na si Drei! See ya dude! (by the time you read this, we have seen each other hahahaha)

Toodles ^_^

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