After Two Weeks

Gawd, it's sooo goooood to finally post an entry after more than two weeks.

Badminton, spanish classes, Christmas party presentation practices, and shopping, shopping and more shopping kept me from the computer and posting an entry. Well, our DSL connection also got disconnected for a few days, hehehehe.

Since I've been a busy bee for the past few days, plus the winter-wonderland aircon settings in Meralco, I'm down with colds, coughs and a slight fever. I've had the cold for two days already, and yesterday, I felt my body was warning me that I was going to be sick (throbbing head when I woke up, snot coming out of my nose... oops too much information hehehe). Good thing I was able to muster enough strength to go to our office's Christmas Party, shop in Robinson's Place Manila, and then go to another Christmas Party at night.

That's why when I woke up this morning, my body just didn't give me a warning. It slapped me on the face and said, "Dammit, you're sick, stay in bed".

But I can't!!! I still have to go to Robinson's Place Metro East to pay for my gym bills, shop for my brothers' and sister's gifts, and then wrap all these gifts for my family.

Ang haggard! Pero parang ang saya pa rin hehehe...

Toodles for now! ^_^

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