Let's Hear It For The Boys...

Thanks boys for cheering me up!

First, to Toto, thank you for the Jollibee breakfast ^_^ I knew I deserve a token of appreciation from the Black team after I just gave them 200 points in the eXtreme* game of our bowling match last week, hahaha :D Red team, baka gusto niyo kong palaruin para mabigyan ko rin kayo ng 200 points :P (Pero di na breakfast kapalit nyan, buffet lunch or dinner na yan hahaha)

Second, to Ramon, thank you for your kuwento ^_^ Natuwa ako na meron pa palang mga matitinong lalaki na may effort at motivation sa dugo nila. Honestly, natutuwa talaga ako sa ganyang mga kuwento, at konti na lang, magse-search nako sa internet for more original date ideas :D Hope my advice regarding effort and sensitivity helps! Good luck!

And lastly, to my Dadox. Last Sunday, he sent me a text message asking me if I still wanted to have my birthday celebration sa house sa Filinvest. I answered: I'm not in a celebratory mood. He knew what happened two weekends ago, which triggered this post, and so he answered: OK, but dont let dat dampen everything else - its ur bday n we r suppose 2 b happy on such a day. Cheer up!! Awww... Dadox! Thanks talaga! Kahit na minsan di ko ma-take yung asawa mo and her biting remarks, buti na lang you're there to balance it all out! *hug*


These boys do not know how much they've changed my day. I had a shitty weekend (again) and I was so prepared to have shitty work week. But then, in their own unexpected ways, these boys have shown me that it's better to be thankful, be hopeful, and be cheerful.

^_^ Thanks, boys!


eXtreme game of bowling: pababaan ng points 'to... and a gutter ball is equal to all pins down. You add your regular bowling points to the eXtreme bowling points of the other team, so kelangan, mababa lang talaga yung eXtreme bowling points nyo kasi nga points yun ng kabilang team.

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