I had the typical Valentine's Day, with stuffed toys, chocolates and flowers given by the adoring male population.

Not! :P Hahaha. Well, it sorta happened, but I know only one of the guys adored me. :D

To give everyone a chance to enjoy the day of hearts, our company organized a big Valentine's exchange-gift-of-sorts. We received envelopes (ang paos actually, as they distributed it during the Chinese New Year) with the name of our SZ Soulmate, the one we were supposed to make feel special on Valentine's Day. I think the ratio of guys and girls in our company was around 1:1 so I think all the girls got guys and all the guys got girls.

I got E.B., who was assigned to a far-away project in Makati. I gave him chocolates (Flat Tops lang hehehe) and a blue-flame lighter, since I knew he was also a smoker. I just asked Mia, our HR, to take it to Eastwood. I do hope he visits Eastwood before all those chocolates get moldy hahahaha.

B.E., who was also assigned in Meralco (sa I.T. naman sya) was the one who got me for an SZ soulmate. He gave me this small white bear holding a red heart. Awww. :P

Maraming nangarir sa SZ soulmate gimik na yan. Jimelle had a trio of SZ singers (Mia, Tracy and MJ) to sing for Jay. Mia had a game of look-for-your-sz-soulmate for Van. Toto naman did that for Jimelle.

Little did I know I would also be looking for my MMS soulmate. :P

For everyone to enjoy the *romantic* spirit of Valentine's day, we decided to have our own Valentine's-day-exchange-gift gimik in MMS. We called it MMS Day, that is, Make Me Special Day mwahahahha. They already did it for last year's Valentine's Day, and all their kuwentos about it made me excited to do it again for this year. Again, bunutan din, and you have to make that person feel special nga.

Monday, around 2pm, I was toiling hard at work when Aldo (our batch's John Lloyd clone) approached my table and handed me a note and a pack of Flat Tops. It said:

To Amazing Soulmate Shelley,

Happy Valentine's Day!

Welcome to "Where in the world is my amazing Soulmate?" Unscramble the letters below to find your Amazing Soulmate. Once you're sure whose name the letters below spell, go to that person and say the magic words "Are you my amazing soulmate?" If you're correct the person will give you another clue which will help you find your amazing soulmate. If you give up guessing who the letters in the word spell, just go to that person that gave you that clue and ask for the answer. But in order to get the answer, you must do the consequence that the person asks you to do.

Good luck! Deadline is 3 PM.

Amazing Soulmate

I thought it was from my SZ Soulmate! So then I unscrambled the letters, which lead me to Sherwin. Then Sherwin's clue led me to the 11th floor to Dennis. Fortunately, Dennis' clue led me to Ken, who was at the same office. Then Ken's clue led me to our office, to Tonton.

All the clues came with chocolates. I had a bunch of chocolates already, and it was already few seconds before 3pm, when Tonton gave me the clue. Ahhh... the clue led to Toto. I gave the magic words: "Are you my amazing soulmate?" He grinned, "Tsk, past the deadline ka na, 3 na ah!" I almost screamed, "Akin na yung clue!" but then he just gave me a mischievous grin and a chocolate bar. Realization hit me! "Ikaw?" Tawa naman sya... I knew Toto got Jimelle as his SZ soulmate, so I guess Toto was the one who got me for MMS Day, hehehe. Buti na lang pinagod nya ko sa paghahanap sa aking Amazing Soulmate! I need to lose a few pounds for me to consume all the chocolates he gave me!

As the day was ending, I was feeling kind of bummed out because Dar and I had no plans whatsoever for Valentine's Day. But then, naisip ko na lang na we did go out naman na last Saturday, so I guess that's it na. And, I knew he wasn't going to pick me up, because his mom forbade him to drive muna because he had an accident last weekend (very minor lang naman pero expensive repair pa rin).

I was surprised to receive a message from him saying that he was going to pick me up. The MRT that he was riding got stalled at the Boni station, and since it was already 5pm, he decided to pick me up na rin and so he got a cab. When I got inside, I was pleasantly surprised to find roses waiting for me! He bought it pa sa Makati, rode the masikip na MRT, holding the roses in one hand, and holding on for dear life with the other. So forgive him daw kung mejo lupaypay na yung mga roses. He was aiming to get to Meralco before 5pm, so that he could just ask the guards to deliver it to me, para daw ma-receive ko sa office. (Awwww!). Pero yun nga, he didn't expect na mahirapan na makasakay sa MRT, so he just picked me up, to give me the roses na rin. :D

So that was my HVD, receiving the conventional stuffed toy, chocolates and roses, in a most unconventional circumstances. ^_^

Hope you had a great one, too!

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