Star Tales

Darice: He's computer-ing.

She was asked by my Mom what my Dad was doing.

Darice: Baka naghahalikan...

The reason why it was taking a long time for me and Dar to open the front door. [Hey! Dirty little minds! I was sleeping and Dar was playing Ragnarok :P]

Darice: Papa, ano yan? *sabay turo*

Dar mistakenly prepares to take a bath in front of Darice.

Darice: *whispers* Mama, panget nya.

A looks-challenged guy sits down next to me.

Darice: Mama, bakit nyo ko lagi inuutusan?

After I've asked her to close the door/lights/throw a piece of trash/get my bag for the nth time.

Me: Bakit anak, pagod ka na?

Darice: Opo. Uutusan nyo kasi ako palagi eh.

Me: O sige. Pero baka mapagod rin ako pag inutusan mo akong bumili ng toy ha.

Darice: *lalong sumimangot* Hmp.

Hehehe. It worked!


Darice turns 5 today! ^_^


I've always wondered why, of all the couples having pre-marital sex out there, God chose me to get pregnant.

I was an *average* college student then. Sure I drank, I smoked, I had sex with my boyfriend. But I go home early every night and studied (most of the time!). I was a responsible bum, a carefree, happy go-lucky nerd. I had enough fun, but had enough work too.

And then, a bombshell.

I went into a funk. I missed exams. I slept most of the day. I really didn't know what to do with my life. I felt that it was unfair of God to make me pregnant, when there were so many other couples out there having sex. What was going to happen?

But then I sobered up.

What was going to happen? Hello!?! I was going to be a MOM!

And instead of thinking that God was unfair, I thanked Him profusely.

Because Darice was given to me.

It may be a bitch being a mom, but it sure is a hella lot of fun!

[And you get lots of hugs and kisses too! For nothing at all!]

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