I just love this site. Really tugs at your heartstrings.

Some of my favorite heartbreaking secrets (from the site, not my own secrets, hehehe --> ba't ang defensive ko? Hahahah!):


[+] I used to be pretty.
I wish I had that secret.

[+] I'm in love with my best friend.
Awww... Sweet Dreams material :)

[+] I wish my parents could see me for what I am...
I'll try my damnest to see Darice for who she really is.

[+] I agreed to get an abortion...
Good thing I never had to make that kind of decision.

[+] I cut myself...
Sometimes, I do feel the urge to cut myself.

[+] I never told anyone...
I hope I'll never feel the guilt and regret.

[+] Sometimes I think my fiance isn't the one.
Especially when I feel the vast expanse of distance between us.

[+] I love you so much but I can't tell you!
I love you so much but I don't want to tell you.

[+] I'm still in love with her...
And I'm still in love with him.

[+] His temper is so scary, I've lost all of my opinions.
All I know now is that I'm scared.

[+] I wish I were a popular idiot...
Hahahha. Love the fact that the Fourier series is included in this secret.

[+] When my friends go on diets, I discourage them...
I don't want to be that friend.

[+] Sometimes I want to run away from home...
I just want to disappear.

[+] I miss feeling close to God.
I just want to feel protected by Him.

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