'Yan ang Pinay!

yan ang pinay!The first time I learned about this was through Ramil. He searched for the keyword Filipina and got these results. Tsk tsk. Hanubayan.

And it's now a full-blown campaign to link the word “Filipina” to URLs and permalinks to each others’ blog posts that describe women of the Philippines as “excellent, smart and tenacious.” [Global Voices Online] Thanks to Drakulita and Jonas Diego, the campaign also has its own logos.

To contribute to this campaign, I added "Yan ang Pinay" links to my sidebar. These are the sites that we want to show up first on the list when somebody googles the word Filipina. We are more than mail-order brides or penpals. These sites, especially those from bloggers, describes the Filipina as "excellent, smart and tenacious".

I hope my little contribution helps. I'm planning to write a post about what it means to be a Filipina, but I don't have the time yet or the creative juices flowing as of now to write something coherent. I want to write a particularly inspired post about being a Filipina, not just a few bumbling words.

Let's all do something for this movement. Mabuhay ang Filipina! ^_^

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