No Pressure

36 days to go. Nope, no pressure. Aside from the wedding details, the realization of spending your WHOLE FREAKING LIFE with somebody you HATE and LOVE and LOATHE and ADORE all at the same time is simply mind-boggling.

I am simply overwhelmed.


Talks regarding acquisitions are making me quesy. I feel like I'm just going to be a small blimp on our company's radar when the integration takes place. Plus, more people to socialize with, which I have a hard time doing, especially when it's a BIG group. [Really, I'm a shy person. Ask anybody. But when I get to know you, I won't be shy anymore. Hehehe]

Oh well, these are just my opinions. The greater good: bigger work force, more projects and hopefully, better compensation. I hope that when they say that the acquisition is "good for business", every individual employee will reap those benefits.

Actually, I'm getting kind of giddy with excitement :) I'm going to witness an evolutionary process! Hehehehe...


Finally, our issue has been resolved. Talks started around April and May, and after ten thousand years [well, around three months :P], letters have been given out and action plans discussed. Unfortunately for the two of us, there's only minimal *resolution*. But I'm glad all the others got what they asked for. I feel fulfilled, somehow. [Naks]


Huh. So I guess that's it. My life revolves around the wedding now. This blog will be updated more often, I think.

If I can find time to blog :P

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