Not Much

My life is currently revolving around three things: VAT, the wedding and a company party.

Hahahah. Just when I thought I already have too many things to do, I go and accept an invitation to be part of the invitations/teasers/decors committee for the anniversary party of our company. Yup, parang wala akong ibang BIG PARTY na inaasikaso noh? Oh well, I love doing those kinds of things naman eh :) And it's a welcome distraction from all the wedding hullabaloo.

So, the VAT. It's because our system handles materials transactions, and we have to ready it for the VAT. Testing is finished, although there have been last minute meetings, which resulted to last minute changes, and so more testing. Haaay.

Ahh and of course, the wedding. Which is just two freaking weeks away.


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