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Cue in Back To The Lab by Prince Paul from Dexter's Laboratory - The Hip-hop Experiment

Back to work after a glorious two-week vacation. Haaay.

Monday came, and I was late, of course, to my first day at work as, ehem, Mrs. Tantan - Dela Cruz. [That's the way I intend to *change* my surname - I'll be a hyphenate].

Yes, parang grand entrance hahaha.


But everybody was really more into collecting pictures from the Decada Party, which was held last Friday at the Oasis. Saw some pix [look here and here], heard some kuwento, gathered some tsismis regarding the week-long anniversary celebration of our company. Okay, wasn't feeling like I missed HALF my life by missing the week-long celebration. I'm still in hehehe.


Oh and a new guy came, so I didn't really feel like I was the only one who wasn't part of the celebration hehehe. And he sits right next to me, so I'm kinda *ilang* because it's been months since I had a seat-mate.


By Tuesday, I was given work already [Monday was like an adjustment period] and I felt the stress of work creeping into my body. And the winter wonderland temperature at our office was giving me a severe headache. Aaargh. Vacation over, missy, it was really back to the grind for me.


I didn't what was with this week, but aside from me going back to work, it was like the return of the glutton for me. I was eating more than 3 times a day again!!! Blech!!!

We've been ordering from Jollibee and McDo like crazy -- Jollibee breakfast last Tuesday, McDo lunch for Wednesday and Thursday, and breakfast for Friday. I'm getting super-sized with all these fastfood take-out and deliveries. [Oh, and I ate KFC Hotshots for lunch last Monday]

Lunch pig-outs were also abundant this week. I ate a hefty lunch from Oyster Boy with Andrei last Tuesday. Aligue rice, pork ginamusan and grilled oysters with cheese and garlic are just too good! Then yesterday, to celebrate the success of the anniversary celebration, those people who helped out the committee were treated to lunch at Paluto @ Palengke (Dampa) in Ortigas Home Depot. And Food just kept coming and going and coming and going and coming and going. There was liempo, barbeque, tempura, baked tahong, crab, shrimp, sinigang na bangus, chopsuey [sp?], and seaweeds! Ka-bondat-an to the max!


Okay, haven't been into just eating and eating and eating this past week, but I've been chosen (naks) to be part of the Java training in our head office. It's just a small group -- how small can you get with 4 people in the group in a cramped meeting room in the head office? :P Anyways, I'm already familiar with Java, since I did work with Java for a semester in college, and I've already gone through 2 enhancements for MMS. But I feel like there's still more for me to learn specially the theories regarding Struts and JSP's. Naks. :P


Downside is we have a session this Saturday, in like, an hour and a half, so I have to get ready to go to Eastwood. I might have to buy a Venti latte to ward off the sleepy Saturday mode.

Toodles! ^_^

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