waiting for a jet planeA Delayed Flight

As we drove to the airport, I was feeling queesy, as this was the first time Dar and I would be travelling alone, without other older adults. This was my second time to travel *domestically* (is there such a term?), as the first time was Cebu together with my laboratory mates. I was disoriented at first when we arrived at the airport, as I was expecting the small building of the Cebu Pacific airport (that was the image I had of the domestic airport kasi). Gawd, the new airport was spanking clean and huge! We could get lost in here!!! I got a bigger knot in my stomach, because I realized I would be the one guiding Dar inside the airport (he last set foot on a plane when he was 8 years old), but I absolutely had no idea where to go too! Good thing there were lots of signs and lots of people directing us where to go. Hooray for the new airport hahaha. [But the terminal fee is quite steep ha.]

Our flight to Bohol was supposed to be at 8 a.m., that's why we were already checked-in and waiting at the terminal by 7:15 a.m. But unfortunately, our flight was delayed to 10:15 a.m. Good thing I brought my discman (I know, I know, an ancient mechanism) and some books, while Dar busied himself with his cellphone games. Oh, PAL gave a free breakfast to all delayed passengers to Bohol, an empanada and brewed coffee from *.

Before 10 am, they asked us to board the plane (yahoo!) and by 10 am, the plane took off and we were off to Bohol! ^_^

at last!Panglao Island Nature Resort

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To cut costs, we availed of the PALakbayan package for Panglao Island Nature Resort for their bungalow room with jacuzzi (yeah baby yeah!). Well it's not really cutting costs because the jacuzzi room is the most expensive room in PINR, but it was soooooooooo worth it.

Our bungalow was walking distance from the main lobby hut. It had an AMAZING view of the sea and shore - from the bed, from the bathroom, from the jacuzzi, from everywhere! We were, I felt, surrounded by the blue sea and green foliage. The bungalow was right next to the second access steps to the beach, so I only have to go down these steps and viola, beach na agad! :)

relaxing on the first dayRelaxing on the First Day

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Ang ginawa namin on the our first night and day on Bohol? Eh di syempre, K lang ng K and S lang ng S :P

That is Kain lang ng Kain and Swimming lang ng Swimming (sa jacuzzi nga lang :P).

Ops, before your dirty minds go into overdrive, we ate LOTS of food for lunch and dinner, and just sat our bums on the jacuzzi for the longest time. The food was great!!! Just like you're eating out at a mid-price range resto (like Gerry's siguro or Dencio's), and super sarap pa. For lunch, we ate crispy pata and chicken binacol with bagoong rice, together with a mango shake and buco in a shell. Then for dinner, we had kinilaw na isda (for me), sisig, cream of corn soup and pancit -- I know, I know weird combo of dishes hehehe. Then to jazz up the jacuzzi experience, we ordered a tequila margarita (for me) and a mango cooler (for Dar) for us to drink while we lounge about the warm bubbly waters.

preparing for the tourTour of Bohol on the Second Day

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We went to the usual Bohol tourist spots: the Blood Compact shrine, Baclayon Church and Museum, Chocolate Hills, passed by the Man-made Forest (gawd, it was really creepy passing by those trees), then had lunch at Loboc river, and then went to see the tarsiers.

While we made our way to the Chocolate Hills, it was raining so damn hard, I thought our tour was ruined. But then, Dar was still game, and even though it was raining hard and the wind was blowing every which way, we made our way to the top of the viewing spot.

And the view of the hills was soooo worth it. It just blew us away. After a while, the rain stopped, and we took our time taking in the sights, and taking pictures of course, of the famous hills.

Before I forget, when you go to Bohol, and you go see the tarsiers, please please turn off the flash of your camera. Some tourists who were there when we went to see the tarsiers were so kulit and still used their flash :( Grrr.

goodbye bohol!Good-bye Bohol!

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Before we said good-bye to Bohol, we ate a hearty breakfast (buffet, at last!!!) and I took time swimming in the beach and the pools of the resort while Dar took pictures of me (nasanay ata ako sa pictorials for the wedding -- gusto ko lagi may nagpipicture sakin hehehe).

Then we had a humongous lunch of calamares, pork sinigang and again bagoong rice (super yummy -- meron pa talagang green mango slices). Yes, this honeymoon was really a food trip -- we didn't do anything but eat, eat and eat!!!

We got to the airport by 3:30pm for our 4:50pm flight, which was delayed (of course! PAL stands for Plane Always Late, as my mom said) to 5:15pm. We arrived to a drenching wet Manila by 6pm.


Sooooooooooo happy with the 3D/2N at Panglao Island Nature Resort. Not just because of the sights, the ambiance, the food, the pools, the beach -- but because I got to spend some serious quality time with my hubby *blush*. I guess we needed a refresher course on keeping the flame alive *naks*. And I feel reconnected to him somehow, emotionally, romantically, physically and of course, ehem, sexually.

We hope to go back to Bohol, and still stay at PINR, this time with Darice. I just know she'll have a great time :)

See you next year, Bohol!

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