I thought it would last longer. Or maybe I thought we were *in that phase* but we weren't. Anyways, the bubble has popped, the rose-colored glasses are off, and the veil is lifted.

And I'm missing it already.


Last Saturday, Dar took me to his HS friends' inuman party to celebrate a friend's birthday. The last time I joined such a gathering was seven years ago when he introduced me to them as his girlfriend.

Now he introduced me as his wife *blush*.


Because the drinks were flowing, I seriously needed a smoke to keep myself from being bangenge. After mustering enough courage (and beer), I asked Dar if I could have a smoke.

He stood up and handed me the pack of cigs.


I told him I'd just have one, but the Strong Ice beer was giving me a *whapak*, so I was able to have 3 smokes for that night.

He insisted he have a smoke too during my first cig, but then I said, "Wag na". I know he just wanted to prove something -- which, I think, is the worst reason to light up a cig.

Later on, as I injested more beer, I asked him to light one. And so he did. I'm such a bad, bad, bad wife.


One of the reasons I asked for a second cig was Dar's ex arrived that night.

He fidgeted a bit when he learned they were already downstairs. He said he was kind of weirded out by the ex, because during their Friendster-messaging sessions before, he learned that when they made out seven years ago, she already had a boyfriend.

So many buttons pressed by those statements.

Why are there Friendster-messaging sessions?

Why do you have to bring up that make-out session? [Background: the party I was talking about seven years ago, when he introduced me as his girlfriend? Same party, later time, me already at home, he made out with his ex for old times' sake. I really cannot understand how boys can be so shallow and insensitive.]

Why are you affected that she had a boyfriend then?

Answered by: wala lang yon, sorry and akala ko kasi mabait sya eh.

I just had to give a serious rebuttal to his last statement: Mabait ba yon, alam nyang may girlfriend ka, tapos maghahalikan pa kayo?

Maybe that's why I had no prob scoring those cigs hehehe.


He has released an official statement regarding my smoking: He will let me smoke, but he will not take care of me or pay for my hospitalization if I get a smoking-related disease.

Fair enough?


He asked me if I smoked in the office. I answered meekly with "minsan" which is overstretching the truth. He said he's not bobo not to notice that I reek of smoke when I get home.

Hey, I put on cologne naman ah!!! :P


And to end this post, let me give a love tip from Purple Ronnie's Little Guide for Lovers:

Love Tip

Remember that nobody likes being taken for granted...

... give your lover lots of treats and surprises

So important if you want to make your girl/guy feel you're not in rut ;)


And I'm off to work! Toodles :D

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