Le Sigh

[Balik sa dating gawi ng posting... If you would look here up to here, you'd see that I love counting the cigs I smoked for the day. And the coffee na rin na nilagok ko sa araw na yon. Sometimes din, kasama pa kung anong libro, panoorin at tugtog ang kinagigiliwan ko ng araw ding yon. And shemps, kung anong angas/angst ko sa pangkasakalukuyan. pero this might be just for this post only, hehehe]

[If you're not into my personal outbursts, hop on over here for a discourse on what's new this TV season]

Yosi: 10 sticks ... blech nakahalf a pack ako yesterday :(
Kape: 3 cups (one in the early morning, another one by 10 am, and then another one around 4pm)
Libro: Reader's Digest October 2002 - merong article dun na Why Boys are the Weaker Sex :P
Tugtog: I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt
Panoorin: Astig ng Numb3rs kagabi!
Angas: Eto pa rin. Lech.

Le sigh.

So many things will happen next month. First the fucking implementation of the VAT on November 1. Although I could still take a vacation from October 31-November 1, I have to go back to work on November 2. That is to answer the queries of the users just in case errors are encountered regarding our VAT-modified system.

Gaaaah. I'm so not ready for this. That's why Lory (who will be the lucky ones to take a week-long vacation) will give me a crash course (again) on how VAT will affect the transactions done on our system. I am so taking notes.

Also, next month, I will be saying good-bye to two good friends -- they have decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Again, so not ready for this. I don't know why it's affecting me so much! I'm really going to miss them, I really will =s

And that's it muna... the other changes not really sure pa, pero I feel it... it's coming.... rain.... feel it on my fingertips... ay shet, napakanta na tuloy ako :P


If things are moving along with an officemate of mine and my sister (gist: he saw her at my wedding, he sent her a friendster message, then they started "communicating" then last night he visited our house and brought Cinnabon for my mom hehehe style), things are not going well with me and him.

But, I'm ashamed to admit it, I really miss the jerk. [Blech. Just gag me with a spoon.]

Well, the good side of him anyways. Right now, he's mutated into a female version of himself wherein he gives me the cold shoulder and bitches around. Yup, the typical reaction of a female during a spat.

I feel like I'm turning lesbo. Oooh... dejavu ;)


My family is planning to go on a 10-day trip to HK-China next year. And they want us to come along.


Like I have enough money/savings for my family's airfare, accomodations and pocket money. Which my mom estimates to be around 100K just for our [me, him and Star] airfare and accomodations.


Anybody have any extra 100K there? I could spring for our pocket money na siguro. Hehehe.


Okay, 5:30 am already. Have to dash to get to work early. I do hope I don't get to smoke so much today. But then, there are so many things weighing on my mind right now, I just can't help it.

Le sigh. Again.

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