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I admit I don't have the healthiest of lifestyles [smoking everyday, drinking coffee every 3 hours (haha, exag!) and drinking alcohol every time there's a chance], but I do manage to eat a serving or two of healthy food every week.

Thanks to Heartlands - The Healthier Alternative [naks, parang commercial! :P] I can now enjoy at the comfort of the office, my very own healthy and delicious salad and pasta.

Totoo! I really enjoy their food. Plus, it's so convenient pa. They send you an email the week before so you can already order in advance for your salad/pasta for next week. Or if you're still not yet decided, you can order the day before for the salad/pasta that you want.

They have a set salad and pasta for the day, and the menu changes every week. They also added a salad and pasta for the week, meaning, you can order that salad or that pasta for the entire week :)

Here's my favorite salads from Heartlands:

Italian Balsamic Green – A refreshing and lightly spiced salad with Black Olives, Sliced Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, sided with White Cheese, and all tossed with Crisp Salad Greens. An Italian touch of BALSAMIC VINAIGRETTE flavors this gourmet salad dish.

Very Berry Shrimp – Diced Shrimps & Flavored Squid Crumbs, Sliced Apples, Sweet Corn Kernels, and Carrot Shavings all over a Fresh Lettuce Bed make this salad a healthy seafood meal. The most popular of our berry vinaigrettes, our STRAWBERRY VINAIGRETTE, laces this salad complimenting its fresh seafood flavor.

California Crabstick Medley – Kani Strips, Mango Cubes, & Sliced Cucumber give this its inspired California Maki flavor. Adding Carrot Strips and Mixed Lettuce Greens to toss, all dressed with our LIGHT MANGO VINAIGRETTE make this a healthy alternative for the “California-Jap Sushi” meal!

Zen Berry SaladZen Berry Salad – A Cleansing Fruit Mix of Pomelo Bits, Sliced Peaches, accented with Sweet Corn, Jicama, & Carrot Strips thrown together with a High Fiber Lettuce Mix, all refreshed with our LIGHT RASPBERRY VINAIGRETTE. Meditate on this sensation of taste!

The Naked Mexican Taco – Mexican Seasoned Beef and a salsa inspired topping of Chopped Tomatoes, Onions, and Cilantro, with Taco Chips and Cheddar Cheese grated over your Taco Lettuce Mix. A RANCH SALAD SAUCE dresses this taco without a shell!

Grilled-Off-The-Orient – Oriental Chicken Strips off-the-grill topped with Fried Wonton, sprinkled with Toasted Sesame Seeds and Carrots, all over Mixed Salad Greens. Our very own home brewed CREAMY SESAME DRESSING completes this thematic oriental favorite.

Yes, I love their vinaigrettes! Really really masarap :D And I love the mix in the Naked Mexican Taco and the Oriental salad, kakaiba!

And here are my favorite pasta:

Pasta Al’Tonno – Tonno (Tuna) Flakes in an Olive Oil based sauce flavored with Fresh Basil and Lemon Juice give this Spaghettini Pasta its light and tangy taste. Your flavorful Italian pasta that definitely counts its calories!

Aromatically Sage’d – Pasta inspired by the classic European Thanksgiving Turkey meal. A Sauce with Grilled Chicken Strips herbed with Sage in all its aroma, spiked with Lemon Juice, and bathed in an Olive Oil sauce to lock in all its flavor. Douse this over Italian Spaghetti Noodles and you have a light, healthy, and aromatically herbed pasta meal. “Pass the cranberry sauce anyone? Oh, I’m sorry”.

Ispageti ni Mang NoypiIspageti ni Mang Noypi – Mixing Tuyo Flakes and Sautéed Garlic Bits in an Olive Oil Sauce all over classic Spaghetti Noodles shouts out an “ever-pinoy” household taste. If the Espanols have their Spanish Style Sardine Pasta, then we Pinoys have it our way too!

Tuna & White Cheese Penne – Tuna Flakes spiced in Capers and Garlic in an Olive Oil Mix make this a tangy and salty sauce to be poured over thick Penne Pasta. This, Topped with White Cheese Cubes give you a perfect blend of contrasting flavors with every mouthful of Penne!

Completely Caritierre – A Complete Health Meal in itself. Tuna, Italian Herbs, and Whole Peeled Tomatoes on slender Spaghettini Noodles give you just the “light” mix of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates

La Manera Espanol – An inspired dish presenting Sardine Pasta the Spanish Way. Spanish Spiced Sardines & Minced Garlic, seasoned in Bay Leaf & Parsley in an Olive Oil Sauce, to toss over Al’dente Spaghetti Noodles. Bon Appetit… or should we now say… Buen Provecho!

I'm really partial to the olive-oil based sauces and I'll say that Heartlands pasta do not disappoint. I highly recommend Pasta Al Tonno, La Manera Espanol and Ispageti ni Mang Noy-pi. Super sarap!


Go to their website to check out the menu for next week. Ordering info and prices can also be found there.

Happy healthy eating to all :)


Pasta and salad text and images from Heartlands website.

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