It's All About Sex, Baby

Confessions ni Ella

Ella is a 20-something masahista who started out as an innocent 18-year-old in the "spa" business, and was transformed 3 years later into a 24k bitch. She learns about eggs and eggplants, and about the "specials" that drive the costumers wild (that is, give her extra money). She talks about her first costumer, her first "special", and still has enough to meditate about her chosen profession. She also has written about the different kinds of real massages that she employs on her costumers.

Oooh, and guess who these two artistas are! I think I already know the first one, but the second one has me stumped.


Men's Fun in the Philippines [warning, NSFW ads in his site]

The other side of the story: this blog is written by a 40-year-old guy who's into massage parlors, KTV's (Pegasus , Genie and Air Force One) and high-priced escort services. [Yup, it's like one of Ella's costumers speaks out, hehe.]

He has many tips for the costumers: how much to bring along, how to get the GRO for free, how to deal with the wife or girlfriend and of course, protecting yourself. He also posted a FAQ for message parlors.


I'm not promoting the trade of sex services. I was just curious as to what goes on in these places. And I think Ella and Buwayahman, giving me a peek to both sides of the story, satisfied my curiosity :)


Basang Panaginip

"Heaven is soul consumated by heat, my body gratified by the swelling passion so intense it begs, beggging begging to be satisfied, pleading, pleading for release, erupting erupting into the sky, fading into the dark recess of my spirit, and I becomes We." This line reeled me in to his blog -- looks like a guy who has experienced the higher purpose of sex.

He also talks at length about the logic of legalizing prostitution and gives a rundown of the many faces of this trade. Also a very insightful article about beauty and chubby chasers. I do hope he update his blog already -- it's been a month since his last post.



Now this site is for the really open-minded. Phallic images abound, yet there's a lot of p***y too. This guy is obviously into sex -- and everything that has to do with it. He writes fictional stories, take lots of naughty pics [obviously, NSFW], and shares his hot sex sessions with his girlfriend. There's also articles about cleavage, fingers and cream. Porn articles also abound.

This site was an eye-opener. Having asked my guy how it feels and getting only a one-word answer like "Masarap", kinkylube sure knows how to use the right words to describe the different physical sensations one encounters during sex. Hmmm... so that's how it feels for a guy... hmmm....


Basang panaginip is soft-core, while kinkylube is all the way hard-core. A nice ride into male lusty psyche.


Whew, that got me hot. Going to cool off for a while. Toodles.

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