Are You Ready to Par-tay?!?

First there was the company Christmas party with a rock theme at Phi Bar in Metrowalk.

Rock!Wigging OutAldoEmployee of the MonthTina Turner

Then came the IS Christmas party with a Hollywood theme.

There was a "little competition" going on between the different IS teams -- with little meaning it was just a small cash prize of 1500.00 pesos. The IS teams of MMS, FMS, and HRMS joined together to do a rendition of the famous John Travolta-Olivia Newton-John movie Grease. We did four songs in all, to capture the essence and gist of the movie: Summer Nights, Greased Lightning, You're the One that I Want, and We Go Together.

Entrance PoseGo, Greased Lightnin'I got chills, they're multiplyin', and I'm losin' controlYou're the one that I wantWaooo Yeah!

The other teams did Austin Powers, Rent and Footloose.

Oooh, and guess who won the "little competition"?

Congrats Grease Lightning!The Winning Team!ketket and mj fools around with the clapperOur clapper award

The winning factor in our presentation? Well, turns out all the judges are "wise beyond their years" [read: old] and they were familiar with the movie Grease :P Hahaha. That movie was shown in 1978 and I guess they were teenagers back then hehe.

Last Thursday, we splurged on Jollibee breakfast meals with our winning money, and had a last get-together with the FMS and HRMS teams. We watched our award-winning performance on video, and chills went up my spine - nakakahiya kasi ang sayaw ko hahahah :D

Then came the most awaited day of the week: Lechon Day on Friday!

Siomai for Breakfast!Lechon! Lechon! Lechon!PancitPurple Plate DistributionKuha na ng Pagkain!

Yes, we got to have lechon for our Christmas office party last Friday! Woohoo! Thank you Leonardo's for our great food :D We had pancit, dinuguan, lechon paksiw, lumpiang ubod, puto't kutsinta and siomai! Ang daming pagkain talaga!!!

Highlights of the day in pics:

MMS*yikee*Big Daddy TotoMarjay and his Sharapova shirtGifts have been exchanged!

Sorry if some of the pics are blurred. I had already downed three glasses of Vodka Sprite by lunch time :P Thanks Ton for the Vodka!

Good thing today's a holiday. I'm all partied out. Got sick for a while last Saturday, so I wasn't really able to enjoy Noche Buena. But I did make it to my parents' house yesterday all perked up already :)

Hope you guys had a great weekend :)


Photo credits:

Rock Fuszion Paparazzi: photos by Carlo, Drei, Ton and Gli.
ChrIStmas at Hollywood: photos by Ton
Christmas@Lopez: photos by me :)

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