According to the Stars, 2K6

Every new year, I make it a point to visit astrology sites to give me an idea what the stars have in store for me. The following forcasts are from and AstroProfile.

Career Creativity with simple practicality will have you chewing up projects and spitting out results.[3] You're pioneering and innovative ideas are the underlying reasons for your marked career and professional success this year.[4]

Finances 2006 will give you a bigger everything: larger sales, promotions, honors, recognitions, income. You have been focusing on it for the past few years and it finds you in every way possible.[4] However, by spring, it will be a good time to ask for financial assistance,[4] as surprise expenses pop up.[3] Someone you love will need your help and assistance around this time, and you will need to step up and do your best to do right by them.[3] Just be sure you really are helping them, not enabling them to continue down an unhealthy path. You know the difference.[1]

Love and Relationships Moodiness, pouting, sudden flare-ups are abundant this year. You come to realize that you don't understand others and that they especially don't understand you.[4] This moodiness may surprise some, particularly those who have loves you, attracted to you, or are interested in you. However, you won't really care about other people's reactions.[2]


So basically, what I'm getting here is that professionally and financially, 2006 rocks. However, relationship-wise, I might be on the rocks.


Plan your year ahead with AstroProfile's 2006 "Bad Hair" Days!

According to the site, "When the Moon travels through a sign of the zodiac that is of an element that is antagonistic to the element of our sun sign, we have the "blahs" or a bad hair day."

Some examples:

Your Sun Sign is in Fire Element, Moon moves through Water sign: Water puts out Fire = Bad Hair Day

Your Sun Sign is in Earth Element, Moon moves through Fire Sign = Fire scorches Earth = Bad Hair Day

Your Sun Sign is in Air Element, Moon moves through Earth = Earth traps Air = Bad Hair Day

Your Sun Sign is in Water Element, Moon moves through Air = Air dries up Water = Bad Hair Day

Anyways, the site clearly explains the concept, and has the calendar of the blahs for each group of sun signs.

I realized that Dar and I have the same sun sign element, Air, so we both have the same "bad hair" or blah days. Could explain the monthly PMS-like attitude from him. Hehe.


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