A Series of Unfortunate Events

What goes around comes around
What goes up must come down...

Alicia Keys, "Karma"


I got sick three times. Once because of a headache which was making me dizzy already -- no, I'm not pregnant. Then a few days after that, I woke up with a stomachache, feeling bloated and unable to burp or fart properly. That same day, my wisdom tooth with a cavernous cavity started throbbing. Then two days after that, my wisdom tooth with a cavernous cavity started acting up, shooting down currents of pain through my jaw and head [I am not exaggerating about this -- that's how it felt!]. Oh, and sumakit din ulo ko non.

I had to take three half-day leaves of absences for all those "afflictions". And another three half-days lost to nursing the pain at work :(


I lost 500 pesos.

I think this is how I "lost" the money: The cab fare was 125 pesos. I knew I had 2 50-peso bills, and a 500-peso bill inside my wallet. I had a few coins inside my coin purse. So I gave the taxi driver the 2 50-peso bills (folded) and 5 pesos from my coin purse and asked him to wait while I get 20 pesos. As I waited for the elevator, I was rummaging thru my wallet and saw that I had 4 5-peso coins. So I rushed back outside, and wala na yung taxi.

I thought at first, "Ang bait naman ni manong, iniwan na lang nya yung bente na ibibigay ko sa kanya."

But then I looked again at my wallet and the 500-peso bill was not there.

I'm just thinking that if ever I mistakenly gave it to him, and he didn't return it to me, I really do hope he needs it and will use it for a good cause and not for drinking or gambling or whatever. Haaay.


Oh, and during that time I went home with the stomachache and a toothache, it started to rain while I was walking from the office to the shuttle station (which is a good 5-10 minute walk). And I didn't have an umbrella.


And, Friday morning, on my way to work already, I found out I spilled the salad dressing INSIDE my bag from the day before! So it was smelling really *sour* and all my metallic things had chemical reactions with the vinegar. And everything inside my bag was oily. Waah.


I will have to go under surgery because of -- guess what? -- the toothache. Yes, the wisdom tooth with the cavernous cavity is impacted, and an ordinary bunot will not do. Ang sakit sa ipin, pati na rin sa wallet :(


I must've done something really bad these past couple of weeks. Tsk tsk tsk. These are the strike-of-lightning's I've been waiting for every time I make those really mean snide remarks to people behind their backs :(


  1. hehe jan28 din pala anniv ng parents mo.. my parents kasi jan 28, 1980 hehe.

    la lang =)

  2. galing naman! :D swerte ata talaga ang jan 28 eh :)

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    hindi lang sayo nangyari yan nakapagbayad ng 500 peso bill sa cabbie. nagkamali ako ng about, i thought it was a hundred peso bill, sabe ko keep the change. un pla 500 peso bill!!! kainis noh? *sigh*