Three B's


Birthday Surprise from MMSThe Family TableSome Of My Birthday Gifts
Birthday Surprise from MMS | The Family Table | Birthday Gifts

Had a great breakfast c/o my batchmates -- I arrived at the office with a Venti Coffee Jelly and Oreo cheesecake waiting at my table!

And, and, and my MMS-mates suprised me with a birthday cake! Kala ko hindi nako bibigyan eh, kasi past 4pm na. Na-late lang pala yung delivery hehe.

Then had a fulfilling dinner at my parents' house: pasta, friend chicken, liempo, adobong pusit, hipon, and puchero. Darice enjoyed not the food, but the company of her two favorite Tita's -- my little cousins Micah and Toni.

Nga pala, batchmates not only gave me food, but also Gwen Stefani's CD. And the MMS-mates gave me naman Alicia Keys' Unplugged CD. And I also got purple Adiddas socks (pang bball daw hehe)!

All in all, it was a great day :) [Unless I count Dar's gift of sama ng loob :P] Thanks to all those who remembered and texted me, or emailed me or left a message here sa blog ko. Thank you thank you thank you :D


A prayer of thanksAngas!
Prayer | The Basketbelles

Woohoo! We won our first game!

And guess what, I got to shoot a basket!!! Yey me!

Although I was feeling a bit heavy after my birthday (physically because of all the food, and emotionally because of Dar), I psyched myself up because this was the first time I'll be playing basketball competitively. And I've only played/practised twice before that. So I was trying to convince myself that I will NOT make a fool of myself out in the court. I really prayed and hoped and wished that I do NOT make a fool of myself.

And would you believe it, I didn't! Well, I only had a few minutes of play so there was really no time to show my basketball stupidity haha. And I even contributed 2 points!!! That's like almost 10% of our final score -- kasi 25 points kami eh haha.

Ang galing galing ng team mates ko!!! Congrats to MJ, Lory, Abi, Erl and Joy :) Sana sa next game natin, for fun pa rin ang laban ha :D


The Tooth That Gave Me Hell
The Tooth That Gave Me Hell

Finally, the tooth with the cavernous hole is no more.

It took the dentist around 30-45 minutes to extract that tooth. It was diagonally impacted, with a cavernous hole to boot. I think I had around 6-8 shots because while she was twisting the tooth to loosen it, I felt a shooting pain from my jaw. And she did a lot of pushing and twisting and pulling just to get that damn tooth. And I was clutching the arms of the chair and curling my toes because I was anticipating the pain -- but thank God it was not that painful!

Nga pala, while the dentist was injecting the anesthesia, I had my eyes closed -- di ko kayang tignan eh!

And I really had to bring home the tooth so I could take a picture and blog about it. Haha.

Salamat, no more toothaches for a while. Just gum-aches -- I still feel something gnawing from where the tooth came from.


  1. weeeeh!! basketball! galing naten!! ehehehhehe... maghanda ng baseball bat!!

  2. ahehe, di naman natin kinailangan ng baseball bat - oxygen tank kelangan hehe. congrats satin, 2-0 na!