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Before I make a loooong post regarding our Galera trip, head on over to Michael's, Paul's and Carlo's blogs for their answers to this meme.

Some excerpts:

Carlo: 7 - she must have a sense of direction in life. you know, my dear friends, life is not all about outings, gigs, parties, cocktails, booze, and that S-word (i'm sure you know what i mean by this one - do i have to fill it in for you?). if your partner tends to act like a hedonist most of the time, then break off from her as early as possible. it would seem obviously clear that he/she doesn't care about his/her future. my girl should consider long-term opportunities and decisions that will change her life for the better, like having a stable, enriching career in whatever field she desires, or having a wonderful family. a masteral (or doctorate, if she's that good!) degree in her expertise is also a plus.

Paul: 3. Personality: Striking. I am turned on with intellectual women, confident but not overbearing, good conversationalist and witty, generally happy and not brooding (no way to women who dwell in the past most especially), independent but sensitive, no damsel-in-distress but not afraid to show she wants and needs to lean on me too, cultured coz I am not, has good fashion sense, neat, frank but not a bitch, loves travelling and sports (especially target shooting and diving).

Michael: I love her natural self. How she didn’t have to be a supermodel to be with me. How she rubs her skin to mine whatever her body type maybe. Of how she doesn’t have to use whitening lotion, or how her hair doesn’t have to be silky straight or how she doesn’t have to buy expensive clothes to be with me – how she doesn’t have to pretend.

I tagged them because I wanted to somehow try to understand what it is that guys look for. And even though they have the prerequisite physical attributes that they want their lover to have, most of them was all about ahem, inner beauty. I noticed too that they would love a woman who knows what she wants and gets it. They want them to be intelligent, confident, and with strong personalities -- I say good for them! And here I thought that even though boys are into those wild chicks while they sow their seeds, they still want a mahinhin virgin to settle down with. You know, the madonna-whore complex that guys usually have. I was really pleasantly surprised that there are more open-minded and mature men in this country :) [Or maybe, I've been hanging out too much with boys! ;P]

Thanks y'all for answering!

P.S. And for you other 5 boys who haven't answered, you owe me one! :P

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