Ninety - Six

"So... tayo na ba?", he asked.

I fidgeted, although a smile was creeping up my lips. "Ikaw..."

"Anniv na natin ngayon, para di na maraming tatandaan na dates", he said, grinning.

"Tanungin mo muna ako..." I was trying to be hard-to-get! I wanted him to ask me if I wanted to be his girlfriend -- a long time cheesy romantic fantasy of mine.

He hesitated a bit. "Mahal mo ba ako?"

Although I became mildly disoriented by the question, I didn't hesitate and answered, "Oo".

And it got sealed by a kiss.

Although I was asking myself, "Mahal ko na nga ba sya?"

And as we held each other tighter, and the kiss deepened, and my heart beat faster and faster, I threw caution to the wind, and thought with a resolve, "Mahal ko na nga sya".


Ahhh... young, clumsy, foolish love, ninety months ago. If you can really call it love at that time -- it was more of the other L word that brought us together.

But what made us stay together? I still have no idea.

We had a lot to go through, well, he did, because my mom was the strictest and bitchiest mom he had ever encountered. She was the only mom who didn't succumb to his charms. She even made us break up after she learned I dropped out of a class because she thought he was the reason for my dropping-out. [Which was not, because I've already dropped that subject even before we started hanging out.]

He didn't let it get to him. We still stayed together.

And then I got pregnant. And we stayed together.

And then he had an affair. And we stayed together.

And we had arguments, shouting matches, and all-out wars. And yet, we still stayed together.

Stop kissing the bride already!We even got married six months ago.

And we're still together.

I still can't freaking believe that it was ninety months ago that I blindedly said "Yes".

And six months ago I decidedly said "I do".



  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    wow. grabe. kami ni bf mag na-9 years na, pro not yet married. ilang months na yun? hehe. scary din ksi we just only have 2 roads 2 choose from - marriage or break up.sana marriage na.pero, career muna.kelangan mag save.
    saludo ako sa mga tumatagal na relationships kasi ang hirap naman talagang i-maintain, diba? well, hope u have more months together! =D

  2. kung ngayon ko lang binasa yung blog mo, kikiligin ako sa proposal niya.. eheheh... I hope everything goes well in your marriage.. lam mo naman guys, matagal mag mature.. hehehe.. go girl!!!

  3. @karol - mahirap talaga imaintain, kaya eto parang namamangha ako na naka nobentang buwan na kami. hehe.

    @abi - nyarks, ang baduy kaya nung proposal?!? wahahaha. tinanong ko nga kagabi eh, "nag-i-love-you na tayo agad non?", tas sabi nya "oo" na mejo embarassed hahahah!!!

    @ina - pukpokin mo na lang ako sa ulo :P wahahahah.

  4. Anonymous9:47 AM

    hi yosi girl! just because you stuck it out the first time, doesn't mean you have to stick it out forever. i hope you guys manage to make it work. i've been married for 3 years now, and it certainly hasn't been a bed of roses. pero, i'm convinced i married the right guy for me. at the end of the day, after all the fights - and making ups - we had, i still know na he's the one. sana the same goes for you. good luck!

  5. Anonymous10:19 PM

    @tintin - kaya kelangang batukan ako eh, kasi ano pang mangyari samin, sya pa rin talaga ang para sakin.

  6. Anonymous10:21 PM

    hhahah, nakalimutan ko lagyan ng :P yung previous comment ko, parang ang seryoso kasi!