[Wala akong maisip na title]

D will not be home this weekend. He's going on an overnight swimming/drinking party with his officemates in Montalban.

Good for me because:

* I'll be working overtime to finish DOCUMENTATION (!!!) that I need by Monday. I've been slaving over these documentations since the first week of March -- gusto ko ng matapos! -- but there has been other tasks in the way. And laziness. And extreme boredom. Hehe.

* I need a mani/pedi. Might try Azta Urban Salon at Metrowalk after I finish my documentations. I also want to do something to my hair -- well, not that have it straightened or rebonded -- maybe have a hot oil or a cut or whatever. Basta, gusto kong magpabeauty this weekend.

* I want to buy something for myself. Robinson's Malls are on sale this weekend, and there might be shoes, jeans, swimwear (!!!), or a bag that might catch my eye and NOT drain my ATM. I deserve something new to wear!!!

* I'm going to a friend's birthday lunch on Sunday. No need to bring the hubby. Walang kelangang asikasuhin.

* I wanna do some digiscrapping! I've collected so many free scrapbook kits already, and all I have to show for them are my personal designs for Starbucks memory tumblers. I have TONS of pictures I can put into layouts -- I better do some now, because I have the PC all to myself. Woohoo!

But, I'm not really jumping for joy because:

* I'm paranoid.

* I'm paranoid.

* I'm paranoid.

I think I need more margaritas tonight! :P


  1. Shelley,
    I can completely relate to being paranoid *hug*. Honestly, there's still a HUGE part of doubt and insecurity in me as well with regards to Edil's past, pero I really really try to get over it. Iba syempre situation natin so I know mas nakakapraning ung sayo :) Hahaha. In any case, enjoy your alone time weekend and do things for yourself - exactly!!

    (I can send you some links where you can get some really GOOD freebies, send ko sa Gmail later or Ill post sa blog.)

  2. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Aggie, thanks for the links ha!

    Ang hirap kasi maging secure! Feeling ke-gwapo-gwapo pa naman ang asawa ko! Hahahahha :))

  3. No need to bring the hubby. Walang kelangang asikasuhin.

    hopefully hindi dumating sa akin na maging nurden yung pag-asiakaso hehe ^_^

  4. leenlang, di naman burden yon. less ... hmmm... hassle lang siguro. hehe.