A Change Would Do You Good

Finally, the promo letters arrived yesterday, and all I can (allow myself to) say right now is that my expectations were exceeded, and that I got that little extra something I was hoping for.



As I've mentioned in an earlier blog post, a certain someone is getting ready to graze on another (and greener!) pasture. And so, turnover sessions, here we go again! Haha, he did say I was already a league-leader in turnovers hehehe.

I guess I'm thankful he's turning over his extensive knowledge of our e-systems to four of us in the office. I don't think I would've been able to cope with the information overload :P

And I guess an opportunity for me to finally learn the in's and out's of our e-systems, from the business process, down to every command in the code. Hahaha, good luck sakin!


Unfortunately, our Vigan and Pagudpud trip with the camera club is down the drain.


And our back-up Zambales trip is still on the rocks because we can't find a damn resort -- all of them are fully booked! We did find a fan room for eight people, but they only had a common bathroom -- as in common to all the people in the resort!!! *faints*

But I finally got the number of the resort where Drei and his friends stayed when they went to Zambales! Wish us luck tomorrow when I call the resort, sana meron pang available rooms!


Last weekend, my hubby and I went to Greenhills to buy accessories for the PSP (long, issue-filled story that I'd rather not talk about) and the nano. We argued about something (which I guess is related to the PSP issue-filled story), and I got really pissed off at him.

When I've calmed myself a bit, I asked him if we could have a smoke. I was so pissed off then, I didn't really care if he got pissed off too. I *needed* one to considerably calm myself down. [Non-smokers, don't try this at home. Stir ko lang yan sa sarili ko. :P]

Pumayag sya.

I don't know if he's a convert already, or that he's just trying to please me because he knew I was irritated, or that he just wanted to buy that Dunhill two-pack with the free lighter.


I got my curly curls relaxed to my more natural and original wavy curls last Saturday at Azta Urban Salon at Metrowalk.

I was just going to have a haircut, a mani and a pedi, but my curls were irritating me na, so I decided to have them relaxed na lang.

Well, my hair wasn't exactly relaxed, in the strict sense of the word wherein a relaxing agent was used. The stylist used a perming agent on my hair, then he combed my hair, which "relaxed" the curls into the larger and more natural waves!!! Coolness! Yey, no more kinky hair for me! :D

This is going to be the last time I'm going to spend a fortune on my hair. Aside from the "relax", I got the intensive conditioning treatment because my hair was so dry daw (so what's new?!? hehe}. And of course the cut.

I have no complaints with the salon (aside from the freezing temp!) -- they have friendly stylists, my hair turned out the way I wanted it to, and they have free drinks! :D I might get a 'cut here more often since it's so near the office. I could have a haircut during lunch time na lang diba? :)

Oh and a high school classmate reviews Azta's rebonding services.


Last night was the first time I ever played a serious game of badminton.

And may be the last time! Hahahah :))

I pity my partner, really. I was just standing there watching the shuttlecock being passed back and forth.

But I made a really whapak smash shot on our second set, ha! And hindi nasalo ng kalaban! Yun yun eh! Ahahahahhaha!

And now my right shoulder is hurting kasi ang yabang ko daw eh. Weheheheh.


Aaaargh. I so need to lose weight. As in. I am as heavy as I was when I had Darice in my tummy during my last trimester.

But then, I had a baby in my tummy.

Eh ngayon meron ba?


Come on come on
That's just the way it is
Things will never be the same
That's just the way it is
Aww yeah...

Changes by Tupac Shakur


  1. thanks sa link.

    nightmare din maghanap ng resort... lahat yata ng tanungan namin na resort sa batangas fully booked na! may nahanap kami... apparently parang boracay daw... puerto del sol sa pangasinan. search mo sa flickr, "bolinao". ganda ng mga pics :-)

  2. Anonymous8:28 PM

    ida, welcome :)

    ooh, free pa ang may 13-14 weekend ko. baka puedeng maghatak ng kung sino man papunta sa pangasinan! hehe.

  3. wohooo!! sana mag enjoy kayo ng zambales the way i did!! basta enjoy kayo! hehe. :)

    happy long weekend!!