So the photo class met again after work today, to share the pictures we took when we went to Baywalk two weekends ago.

We were instructed to pick our top three photos to submit in an open-category photo "contest" within the class. Then the class picked their favorite photos, while Vic Sison, our lecturer, served as the "official" judge.

I am so *giddy* that the top three photos I chose to be submitted got into the top five :D

Baywalk in Mono 30
This came in 4th in the top 5 choices of the class.

Baywalk in Mono 15
This one naman was 4th in the top 5 choices of our judge...

Baywalk in Mono 2
...while this one came in 5th!

Ayun lang. Just wanted to gloat lang ng onti dito sa blog.


Next week, we need to submit the kalye pics for the "serious" contest already. The class will choose the top 5 (or top 3 lang ata) then we'll submit those to the official FPPF contest.

Eeek. I don't have kalye pics -- you know, the gritty, photo-journalistic pics of street life. I want my photos sana to center around the commuter's life -- the jeeps, people at the waiting shed, the endless smoke coming from the tambutchos. I hope I have the time (and courage!) to do my shots this week.


The class is also planning an outing for the long weekend on starting April 29. Next month's theme for the contest is travel and what better way to take travel photos but during an outing right? They're aiming for Vigan, Pagudpod and Cagayan :D

Sana matuloy!!!


  1. wow! congrats!!!!!!!!

  2. congrats congrats!!! greetings from the shores of boracay!! (odiba nagsingit pa ng 15 minutes sa internet cafe. hehe)

  3. Anonymous5:28 PM

    nice pictures! congrats!

  4. Anonymous8:34 PM

    to abi, drei, tintin, thank you! :D

  5. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Those are beautiful photographs. I particularly like the third one!

  6. Anonymous10:55 PM

    @toni - my friends love that picture too :) thanks! :)