The Number of the Day is Three

Last year, when my blog turned two years old, I posted an article regarding blogging and masturbatory writing.

This year, the day just came and went. Hehe.


Haaay, it's been a long time since I had a decent post about something. The past few posts, all I write about is an update on my daily activities. Mundane, I tell you.

I want to sit down and clear my head and write.

I want to write good stuff. [The fact that I'm using the random word "stuff" is a clear indication that I am experiencing a severe case of writer's block.]

I want to write.

And although I have slipped again into the dark world of uninteresting writing, there are so many wonderful tales I have in store for you. Problem is that they're all in my head, spinning 'round and 'round gaining more subplots and what-nots, which is giving me a hard time translating them into plain old words.

Just don't expect the next post to be all poetic.

Well, good thing this blog is not making any complaints. Hehehe.

Thank you, my blog, for sticking with me for the past three years [as if you had a choice]. You've been with me through my rants and raves and rambles, with the occassional whapaaaaaaak writing, and week-long hiatus(es?!).

Even though I am so not this girl anymore, I still have the same concerns, insecurities and bitchfests. But I think I can say I handle them in a more mature, less !!!!-filled, introspective manner. [Although I still am prone to rant-filled posts]

I guess you could say celebrating my blog's birthday is like patting myself on my shoulder. Three years worth of life here in my blog and yes, I've been through another year of evolving drama and high-hopes and laughter and love and surprises.

No, we have been through another year. Because most importantly, a blog (or any written material for that matter) is nothing without the readers. And I thank you, dear faceless readers, for dropping by, saying hi, perusing a few words here and there, writing down a comment or two. There really is nothing else to say but a very heartfelt thank you. :D

psst... yosi tayo Here's to my blog, to you my readers, and to me!


  1. 3 years na??? huwaw!!! =D

    buti na lang may blogging. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog. Wow 3 years! :)

  3. wow, 3 years na pala 'tong blog mo and you actually write about it. Inggit nman ako, I didn't even celebrate my 1 year of blogging :(.

  4. Anonymous5:19 AM

    drei, yup, three years na tayo nagba-blog :)

    jairam, thanks for reading :)

    nette, that's okay :) celebrate na lang next year eheheh :)

  5. Anonymous6:39 PM

    hiya! i started blogging last year lang ata, pero laging nau-udlot. i'm trying to maintain na talaga my current blog even if i can't post that often. saya naman talaga na may outlet ka and you get to share your life with others. :D anyway, cheers to you. really enjoy reading your posts!

  6. thanks karol :) okay lang kahit na hindi makapagpost palagi basta wag kalimutan na balik-balikan ang blog once in a while :)