Early Morning Randomness

I felt extremely alone while I was watching the crossover episodes of CSI Miami and CSI New York last night [although I've already watched it last year pa ata because of downloaded copies]. Dar was busy with the PSP playing NBA Live 2006 while Darice was busy with NickJr playing Dora the Explorer games.

Oh well, we were busy doing our own things naman.

Maybe I just wanted a warm body to cuddle up with while I was watching my favorite shows.


My first love and I are back together.

We first met April of last year. I was floored by its 4gig capacity and 2MP camera. Back then, I didn't have an MP3 player and a digicam. That's why I felt it was sooooo perfect for me then.

Then I got a digicam and an iPod. Kelangan ko pa ba sya?

And then this sashayed in and screamed to be noticed. The only thing I took notice of was its Wi-Fi capabilities.

Good-bye first love, hello summer fling.

I got the urge last week to compare notes on them, looking up reviews at CNET. That's when I found out I overlooked something.

My first love also has wi-fi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


First love also got a 9 out of 10 user rating, while summer fling only got 7.7 out of 10. And meron ng 3G si first love, si summer fling wala!

And so, me and my first love are back together. *kilig*

And I'm planning to make it official. I'm hoping by next week, [Thank you, company benefits! Heheheheh!] hindi na kami magkakahiwalay.


And so it came to pass that another friend of mine has decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Can't blame that person though, the perks of the new job will make anybody jump to the other side of the fence. Hehehe.

This is going to be difficult :(

Although that person will be just around our general area, it will not be the same.

Eto talaga aaminin ko na apektado ako kasi kaibigan ko yung tao and mahirap na malayo sya sakin pagkatapos kong masanay na andyan lang sya sa kabilang kuwarto. Gets?

But I am soooooooooo happy for him. I know he needs this change. And I know he'll excel with the given opportunity. :D


Aaaargh, I'll go home late again tonight and tomorrow night because of training. I started getting headache feelers two hours into the lecture last night. And then came the hunger pangs. Then the yosi cravings. Bawal kasi magyosi dun sa training area. Shiyet.


One last random kuwento.

I'm going to Baler this weekend!