I Feel Like It's Sunday Already

Yup, because I took a leave yesterday.

I was attacked by a weird case of hyperacidity Thursday afternoon.

I didn't eat lunch that day because I wasn't feeling hungry yet, and I usually pass up lunch and just eat during our 3pm break. I normally survive those little pangs of hunger around 2pm, but last Thursday, I thought I was going to faint from EXTREME hunger.

Having no energy to go down to the caf to get a bite to eat, I prepared a bowl of oatmeal using those little packets of ready-to-eat flavored ones. Ate that, and was still hungry.

3pm break came, and I bought two pieces of turon and mamon. Drank lots of water to fill me up.

But still freaking hungry!!!

Around 5pm went down to the caf to buy a sandwich, ate that up too, drank lots of water, and I felt my stomach was still not full!

On my way to Galleria for my ride home, I felt like I was going to faint. So before I went home, I passed by McDonald's to eat a "decent" meal: nuggets, rice and fries. While eating, I felt like I was sure to pass out, but resisted the urge out of fear of catching attention (yeah, I'm weird like that). I wasn't able to finish my rice and fries because I felt I was going to throw up. My stomach was raging! I didn't know if I was hungry, or full, or if it was just air in there.

Took a cab home and analyzed everything. I think the hunger I thought I was feeling wasn't really hunger but hyperacidity. Well, that's what I think. Because I already felt full, but my stomach was still "rumbling" for more.

Oh well. Lesson learned: Stop skipping meals!!!


I actually felt better when I woke up, although I still felt a few pangs here and there. Darice didn't have school (because of something, I forgot) and she did her pleading-eyes-pouty-mouth routine and asked me not to go to the office. I thought, why not, my stomach was still not that good, but I told her I would go to the office later in the afternoon.

Then Dar came home while I was taking a bath, and he did his pleading-eyes-pouty-mouth routine with me too, and asked me to take the whole day off.

Oh pish-posh, the hell, malakas ang asawa't anak ko sakin eh :) Hehehe.


Oh and if you're thinking I might be pregnant because I was feeling faint -- nah. It's red-letter day today ;) So I know for sure there's no baby :P Hahahahha :))


I'm trying to get ready for Cebu already -- it's like 5 freaking days away na lang, man!

I've listed the clothes I'll be bringing (para di ko na gamitin this week), and brought some easy-to-carry toiletries already.

Now, we need an itenerary. So many places to visit in Cebu!


Short HairLast Tuesday, Darice had this genius idea to cut off her bangs.

And so, after office, we trekked to a salon to remedy her curiousity with scissors and hair.

And so drastic hair change. Hahaha.

Now, I think she will know well enough to leave her bangs alone :P

But she's loving her short hair though, kahit na sinabihan sya ng tita nya and niloloko sya ni Dar na mukha daw syang boy. :P

Of course, mama to the rescue, complete with comforting hugs and kisses :D


Okay that's it for now. I have to make full use of the PC before Darice begins to kick me out of the computer chair :P


  1. hi Shelley (did I get the name right?), stayed in Cebu for 18 months. love the place, have fun :)

  2. hi jairam, yup got the name right :) so excited to go to cebu!