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Just a quick break from the Cebu-trip-related posts. :)


Okay, changes are up in the office which are definitely going to affect my workload and responsibilities. Proposed changes are still far off in the future (yeah right, I'm just trying to make myself feel better haha), but right now, my knees are starting to shake already. A teeny-tiny module is making me nervous as hell, but I think I'll do fine with the other modules.

Naks, overconfident??!? I guess trying to compensate for the non-presence of confidence for that teeny-tiny module. Haha.

So if I'm your YM buddy, and saw my YM status, now you know why it was "anong nangyari?!? biglang nagbago ang mundo ko? waaaah". Hehe.


In 4 weeks will be the first anniversary of my wedding, and the 8th anniversary of us being a couple.

And the husband is making no effort or has made no effort ata.

I originally told him I booked us a weekend at Puerto del Sol in Bolinao but he complained about it thrice already -- too far, too expensive, too tiring. So I was ready to scrap that idea, although I have yet to cancel the reservation. Then I asked him how are we going to celebrate.

He answered: "Wala akong pera."

And that was that.

Ewan, I got so pissed off at him. I told him the money I saved up for the Bolinao trip was going to our Darice fund na lang, since it looked like he didn't have any plans of celebrating. I told him I was really disappointed, and a bit embarrassed, because I was making a big deal out of it, while he was kebs about it.

So if I'm your YM buddy, and saw my YM status, now you know why it was "kebs". Hahaha.


Okay, read on to my Cebu-related posts and find out how we got to Bantayan Island, and why I loved Kota Beach Resort.


[P.S. The freaking keyboard is acting haywire. When I press the Caps Lock button, a search window opens. When I press the right shift button, the browser goes back to the previous page. Labo. Tsk.]

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