Mellon Collie No More

Okay, don't mind that very sad post before this. Hormones were going haywire that night. *sigh*

Anyhoo. Tomorrow we're off to Cebu!!!!!!!!!!!! *tumbling*

But I have got to finish work by today. Eeeek. *cross fingers*

Ooooh. Don't foget to get a copy of Manila Bulletin this Saturday. You might see a familiar face there ;) Sige, since the Manila Bulletin on a Saturday is pretty thick, I'll give you a clue where to look: the About Weddings section. *teehee*

I do hope I could buy an issue on Saturday. *cross fingers again*

Thanks to basangpanagip! He's giving me loads of traffic lately. Loads as in my blog visitors have more than doubled -- from 30+ to 70+ visits per day nyahahahahahha. Yeah yeah I know, those stats are miniscule! And they stay like for a few seconds only. *teehee*

Might not be able to post later tonight as I'll be packing up my stuff, so adios amigos y amigas, hasta luego, verte el Lunes!


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    enjoy Cebu! :) -greenjell-o

  2. Anonymous7:39 PM

    hiya! enjoy your trip!!! try nyo ang turtle soup. magtanong2x ka na lang doon kung saan meron. hehe. i suggest you go to kahayag...parang bar/inuman place na ang ambiance pang taga-up tlaga. =D have fun!!!

  3. Hi Shelley,

    Pasensiya na kung medyo matagal akong di naka-visit sa blog mo. Life.

    Anyway, thanks for the e-mail, I appreciate it.

    Enjoy Cebu.


  4. Anonymous9:07 PM

    @greenjello - i did! :D

    @karol - tsk, we didn't get to do your suggestions (turtle soup and kahayag) pero we did have fun :)

    @basangpanaginip - namiss ko lang talaga blog mo :D