Eight years ago from yesterday, I told you I liked you.

Today, I told you I hated you.

Seven years ago and fifty-one weeks ago from yesterday, I kissed you for the first time.

Today, I wanted to shun your kisses.

Seven years ago and three hundred fifty-five days ago, I gave it all up for you.

Today, I just wanted to give up.

Three hundred fifty-five days ago, I became your wife.

Today, I learned you weren't acting like my husband.

Nine days ago I thought I made myself clear on how I felt.

Today, I honestly don't know how I feel.

Yesterday seemed like an improvement.

Today it seems like it's all downhill.

Even though you're saying sorry today.

You're admitting your mistakes today.

You're begging me to stay today.

You're saying we'll start anew today.

But for me, its today I stopped believing.

Today, I put up my wall.

Today, I honestly have no more strength.

Today, tomorrow looks bleak.


You might be wondering why my posts are so sad these past few days. We'll I am sad and things are rough for me right now. Bear with me and my blog as we go through this phase.

Thank you to all those people who've given me cyber hugs. You know who you are. :-*


  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    *more cyberhugs your way*

  2. hope you'll feel much better tomorrow. take care!

  3. thanks QT... i'll try to feel better today :)

  4. kaya mo yan girl! ^_^
    grabe, hanga talaga ko sa strength at patience mo..

    here's a hug-bear for you>

  5. Anonymous9:42 AM

    "This is the moment, this is the time
    When the momentum and the moment are in rhyme
    Give me this moment, this precious chance
    I’ll gather up my past and make some sense at last"

    *tight hugs* (sensya na ha, amoy yosi ako) ;p yosi kaya tayo minsan?!

    take care!!!

    ok lang yan gurl! at least you have your GC's hahah! yun pa ren nasa isip ko noh? ;p Money (GC's in your case) cant buy us everything, but without it, we'll be more miserable... hahah, qouted that from my professor...

    muah. tc!

  6. @leenlang, awww... i honestly don't feel strong nga eh :( salamat sa bear hug ko :)

    @sunshine, okay lang amoy yosi, ako rin amoy yosi hehe. kainis lang baka maubos ko lahat ng GCs ko nyan eh kaka-retail therapy heheh. thanks again!

  7. Anonymous6:29 PM

    miss yosi girl!!! my latest post is dedicated to all smokers of the world! hope you could drop by...

    Bridget Jones is a Man

  8. Anonymous2:58 PM

    it maybe late.. pero *hugs*

    *sabay abot ng isang shot ng pepe lopez*

  9. Anonymous3:08 PM

    jerome, taray ng article! cheers to responsible smokers everywhere! :)

    abi, isang shot lang? :P

  10. Anonymous11:23 AM

    hiya! hope you're doing okay already. i know this comment is kinda late na...nevertheless, i hope everything falls into place for you! yosi muna! =D

  11. karol, eto humihinga pa naman hehe. taking it one day at a time ;) thanks!

  12. i really dont know the whole picture... but ive been wondering... why the hell dont you just free yourself from the scum of the earth?
    and start living.

    you have so much ahead of you... but you will not realize it unless you let go of your fear and take risks...

    anyways... yosi break... here's a stick, dear.

  13. peachy, of course i had that as my knee-jerk reaction. easier said than done i guess (well, i was able to say it, but wasn't able to do it). and hmm.. not yet siguro. not now. and as he said, i shouldn't be bolting for the door everytime we go through a crisis. we'll see.